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How we make GreenSource

A glance at GreenSource’s masthead reveals that some of us are from Architectural Record, while others are from McGraw Hill Financial, of which Architectural Record is a part, while others are with BuildingGreen, LLC.

GreenSource is developed with a process similar to the integrated design process undertaken for sustainable buildings. Our collaborative team members meet to brainstorm and debate about ideas and projects worthy of occupying the pages of the magazine and page views of the Web site. The McGraw Hill team has the active participation of four of Architectural Record’s editors. In addition, our editorial partners BuildingGreen have nearly two decades of experience publishing Environmental Building News and the GreenSpec Directory. Between us, we have decades of experience as practitioners in the fields of building design, not to mention publishing. We’re all backed by McGraw Hill’s sales and production staff. Although BuildingGreen is located in Vermont and Architectural Record is in New York, we meet in person at least six times a year to evaluate projects, lay out articles, and discuss where GreenSource needs to go next.

Like successful building-design teams, we share a willingness to try new things, ambitions to improve what we make, and a desire to respond to the needs of our readers. With numerous design and editorial awards under our belt, it seems to be working.

As always, we welcome your ideas, comments, and suggestions. Feel free to send them to us at greensourcemag@McGraw-Hill.com.

How to Submit material to GreenSource magazine
The editors at GreenSource magazine welcome the submission of your work for consideration. While we receive a considerable volume of unsolicited work, we review every project submitted and offer a range of opportunities for publication. Below are recommendations on how to submit materials.

First read the magazine and study it, so you understand what kinds of stories we run. Understand the logic and difference between the features, case studies and departments. Target your inquiry by explaining why your submission should interest our readers, explaining where you think your story or project might fit in. Remember that projects must be current or ideally completed in the last few years and not published in other professional design press. Take a look at the editorial calendar on our website.

GreenSource news goes on our website
Is there interesting news in green legislation? Was your firm awarded a commission that is newsworthy? Is there something new to report in the world of green initiatives and design? Are you managing a major green competition? We also have an RSS feed of events. Please direct your press materials to news@buildinggreen.com. Note that GS does not publish personnel changes, information about office relocations, or firms’ inhouse initiatives.

Case studies
Each issue of the magazine and Web site feature projects that illustrate a combination of high performance and good design. If you wish to submit your project for consideration, send full-scale color copies of professional photography, a narrative, and a LEED scorecard or a detailed list of sustainable features in a low-resolution PDF to Nicole.Anderson@mhfi.com. If projects are at least a year old we will request and require energy performance data.

If you are a manufacturer of building products and have an interesting product to showcase, you should direct your inquiry to our products editor, brent@buildinggreen.com. All products featured in GreenSource are screened and approved by BuildingGreen’s GreenSpec Directory editors and priority is given to previously unpublished products. Our products editor accepts press releases via e-mail but send only low-res images and include the text as both an attachment and in the body of the email. High res images will be immediately deleted due to email memory limitations.

We have web-only features. Green house of the month and Solution of the Month are handled by our consulting editor David Sokol. Please send electronic images and narrative to him at dbsokol@gmail.com. Platinum project of the month is handled by Nicole Anderson—Nicole.Anderson@mhfi.com.

General information
We do not publish unsolicited articles. We also do not accept materials written by second party ghostwriters or PR firms. Please also note that if you send materials unsolicited, we cannot be responsible for their condition, acknowledging their receipt, or returning them.

The vast majority of articles in this magazine are staff written or commissioned to our existing pool of freelancers.


Mailing address:
GreenSource Magazine
Nicole Anderson
GreenSource Magazine
Two Penn Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10121-2298

Lastly, thank you from the editors!

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How to submit materials to GreenSource magazine

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