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Best Green Houses
In our newest Web-exclusive feature, GreenSource presents a running list of residential projects that exemplify both creativity and sustainability in their designs. Every month, we select a different home for an online tour that highlights its sustainable elements.
A Whiter Shade of Green: Aging in Place, Sustainably A Whiter Shade of Green: Aging in Place, Sustainably
December 2014

Photo courtesy Barrett Studio Architects

Laissez Faire: The Hassle-Free Passive House Laissez Faire: The Hassle-Free Passive House
October 2014

Photo © Jeff Amram Photography

Additional Projects
12/2014 A Whiter Shade of Green: Aging in Place, Sustainably
11/2014 Sea You Later: A Second Act for Shipping Containers
10/2014 Laissez Faire: The Hassle-Free Passive House
09/2014 The Stonlea Legacy: Talking With Hugh Hardy
08/2014 The Lofted Life: Thinking Big for a Micro-Dwelling
07/2014 Air Supply: Pushing the Limits of Passive Sustainability
06/2014 A Vintage Manufactured House is Made Contemporary
05/2014 Axis Denied: An Architect Reconciles Passive Solar Orientation With a Million-Dollar View
04/2014 At Prescott College, New Student Housing Allows Residents to Test Drive Green Building
03/2014 A Seattle Home with an Accessory Dwelling Embodies Healthy Living for all Generations
02/2014 A Recipe for Madison Park
01/2014 An Integrated Team Achieves Sustainability Without A Surcharge
12/2013 The Windless City
11/2013 Leading the Pack
10/2013 The Sweet Spot
09/2013 Water World
08/2013 The Chattanooga Used To: A defunct grocery store is reborn as a passively sustainable home.
07/2013 Coming to America: A sustainable renovation catalyzes a new import business.
06/2013 Brittany Peers: Residences by French architect Patrice Bideau feature high performance envelopes.
05/2013 A Hudson River Sampler
04/2013 Deanwood Duplicate: A Solar Decathlon house makes waves.
03/2013 Community Service
02/2013 All Natural: A house exemplifies passive strategies and embraces non-toxic materials.
01/2013 Going Native
12/2012 Proving Ground: On a steep slope in Pacific Palisades, an architect makes a home and green lab.
11/2012 Out of Thin Air: Refined heat pump technology warms an all-electric house in snowy Massachusetts.
10/2012 Best of Both Worlds
09/2012 Tokyo by Way of Pittsburgh: In the steel city, urban densification and architectural derring-do.
08/2012 Suck It Up: A Texas pool house's design is informed by runoff prevention.
07/2012 Take Care: Net-zero solutions set up an affordable housing community for long-term success.
06/2012 Got the Blues: A craftsman makes the best of the mountain pine beetle infestation in Colorado.
05/2012 Georgia on Her Mind
04/2012 Lasting Impressions: Memory inspires a homeowner to demand sustainability.
03/2012 Resource Reservoir: A Texas home's rooftop captures rain and sun.
02/2012 Going Antiquing: A guest house features salvage at many scales.
01/2012 Ferrous House
12/2011 The Giving Trees
11/2011 Funky Chicken
10/2011 Discovering Modernist Savannah: Passive in the Peach State
09/2011 Overhead and Underfoot: An evolving housing prototype employs a raised floor system and a double-height volume.
08/2011 This New Old House: In rural Wisconsin, a modest building inspired by barns embodies sustainability knowledge of many vintages.
07/2011 Taking Precedents: A hangar form evokes an earlier time and achieves ahead-of-the-curve performance.
06/2011 Minimize, Then Energize: A two-step process reconciles a house's large physical footprint with its environmental impact.
05/2011 Down to Earth: A hill-hugging residence bucks the norm in Marin County.
04/2011 Rugged Individualism: A rammed-earth house accommodates a farmer mentality.
03/2011 More Than Meets the Eye : Our three-part series concludes with a Hong Kong apartment that solves dorm-room dimensions—24 different ways.
02/2011 Reuse in the Rear: Part two of our series on small-scale living explores a historic garage that gets a renovation for all ages.
01/2011 Tree People: A three-part series on small-scale living kicks off with a tiny home that celebrates Tu B'Shevat.
12/2010 Grounded: A nature-loving couple's home merges with the Marin Headlands.
11/2010 Hogan's Heroes: Hank Louis's design-build students realize an adapted Navajo housing type in salvaged materials.
10/2010 Open-Minded: For his straw-bale home, an architect tries something bolder-Aand more exposed to the elements-Athan normal.
09/2010 Multiplicity: A city residence is equipped with systems and materials that wear many sustainable hats.
08/2010 Striking a Balance: Although CCS-Architecture didn't pursue sustainable design dogmatically, it still prevented a second home from tying to the grid.
07/2010 Sprouting Wings: A butterfly-roofed house solves a site condition, and supports good health.
06/2010 Team Spirit: A Thorough House Renovation Gets Green with a Little Help from a Lot of Friends.
05/2010 Heirloom Minka: Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita’s personal campaign to revive a vintage Japanese building type.
04/2010 Back to the Future: A guest cabin near Yellowstone asks, “What's the style of sustainability?”
03/2010 Sun and Shape, Poetry and Patina: The Copper House offers a glimpse of what sustainability could look and feel like.
02/2010 The Wee Ski Chalet: To go sustainable, a mountainside cabin starts small.
01/2010 Weaning Off Groundwater: A house just outside of Tucson, Arizona, prepares for water savings.
12/2009 Cape Case Study: A fledgling studio melds architecture and technology to design two homes on Cape Cod
11/2009 Rockill Doubleheader: This month we explore the latest handiwork by the students of Dan Rockhill's Studio 804
10/2009 Make a New Plan, Dan: Aiming for better passive-design standards, Dan Rockhill opts for a courtyard plan.
09/2009 A Forward Glance: At a quartet of residences in Seattle, a long-term vision—of future users' needs, and of the city's evolution—yields a flexible design today
08/2009 Philadelphia Freedom: A townhouse prototype demonstrates that sustainability needn't cost a premium
07/2009 Upgrade U: Taliesin students translate a longtime tradition into an urbane guest residence
06/2009 Haute Écologie: A tony residence near Athens combines glitz and green
05/2009 Good Things, Small Package: A two-bedroom house and the subdivision it hails from defy Texas conventions
04/2009 Lux et Tepidus: Passive solar design eases a family's transition from Arizona to Toronto
03/2009 Farm Fresh: Appearances are deceiving at a Vermont farmhouse
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