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Beyond Resiliency: Braving the Next Storm

Beyond Resiliency: Braving the Next Storm
In recent years, and more acutely in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the word "resiliency" has become firmly embedded in the language we use to discuss our response to natural disasters, whether it relates to housing, infrastructure, or economic recovery. The word only scratches the surface, however. In an interview this year with Architectural Record, our sister publication, Eric Cesal, the new executive director of Architecture for Humanity, argues that the term doesn't adequately convey the larger mission. He asks how we can seek solutions to better fortify cities "in a way that allows them to grow and strengthen from the unknown rather than trying to wall ourselves off from increasingly unpredictable natural phenomena."

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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors
We've all passed them on the highway: towering oil refineries, their smokestacks billowing gray smoke, looking both majestic and ominous against the sky. With his recent series Land Scape, artist and commercial photographer David LaChapelle departs from his trademark portraits of celebrities and models to focus on our national dependence on oil, featuring representations of these mammoth structures in his signature glossy, color-saturated style. "The refineries are these things—these symbols of our use of fossil fuels—that have allowed the population and the planet to grow, but to a point where we are not really sustainable," says LaChapelle.

David Lachapelle

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09/2014 Beyond Resiliency: Braving the Next Storm
In recent years, and more acutely in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the word "resiliency" has become firmly embedded in the language we use to discuss our response to natural d...
09/2014 Smoke and Mirrors
We've all passed them on the highway: towering oil refineries, their smokestacks billowing gray smoke, looking both majestic and ominous against the sky. With his recent series La...
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For the second year in a row, design firms find opportunity in green projects.
02/2011 Let There Be Data: Cities and states across the United States are banking on the power of mandatory data reporting to spur energy efficiency in buildings.
05/2011 Zero Margin for Error: Even with the plentiful backup systems in place at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, disaster prevailed.
04/2011 Is It Time for a New “Ism”?: Two Dutch-born authors claim that “sustainism” will dominate the culture of this century, shaping everything from design to politics to grocery shopping.
04/2011 Playing Nicely With Others: Portland EcoDistricts promote the communal sharing of energy, water, and even cultural resources.
02/2011 Coming of Age
Creative financing options for renewable installations inspire action and several whiffs of controversy.
10/2011 Eco-Toupees and Plastic Alleys
Despite a major sustainability push, the city of Chicago still has a long way to go in transforming its image from a Rust Belt city to the greenest in the country.
09/2010 Stormy Weather
We use climate data to inform design every day, but what if that data doesn’t tell the whole story?
07/2010 Darkening Prospects
Whether tar sands or gushing wells, the chaos of oil extraction is wreaking havoc on the environment with no sign of relief.
05/2010 Been There Done That
Wales teaches us that for a successful shift away from fossil fuels, we must create jobs, build businesses, and find replacement revenue.
03/2010 Getting the Goods
Close collaboration between designers and contractors can help solve green product conflicts from the get-go.
01/2010 Intelligent Systems
Converting the nation to a smart grid will make sense in the long run, but it’s the short run that’s the challenge.
11/2009 Adapting to Climate Change
While the need to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions is greater than ever, we now also ought to focus attention on adapting our buildings to the inevitable impacts of climate change.
09/2009 Taking the Pulse
Interest in building-performance metrics is reaching fever pitch as operational-data reporting is incorporated into requirements.
07/2009 Learning from Consumer Behavior
The same guy who’ll buy a new iPod without a second thought will walk away from a $20 six-pack of compact fluorescent lamps. Making him change his mind is not as easy as it seems.
05/2009 A Council Of Councils
Green building pursues a voice on the world stage
03/2009 Aiming for the Stars
A manifesto in the guise of a standard raises the bar.
01/2009 Riding The Balance Wheel
Here is the president’s most pressing challenge: Can he and his cabinet restore our foundering economy but still reduce the damage we do to the environment?
11/2008 Building a New LEED
LEED 2009 contains more science and increased standardization.
09/2008 A Parallel Universe
Australia’s grass may not be greener, but its government would like to be.
07/2008 Global Warming?s Magic Bullet?
Almost three decades after three mile island, nuclear power is gaining support as a clean source of electricity and as a means to halt climate change.
04/2008 Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit
Designers, contractors, and facility managers seek opportunities in existing and new buildings to mitigate climate change.
01/2008 You Can?t Fight Mother Nature
The laws we make cannot change the way nature governs itself. Failing to account for this in the past has led to unanticipated, sometimes disastrous consequences.
10/2007 Sustaining the Past
Guidelines For Historic Preservation Shouldn?t Have To Clash With Leed Requirements, Since Preservation And Sustainability Share Many Similar Goals.
07/2007 Practicing Precaution
The power and limitations of science in the selection of building materials
04/2007 Of Courtrooms and Boardrooms
As environmentalists await a decision in the u.s. supreme court's first lawsuit over global warming, the free market may be starting to regulate carbon on its own.
01/2007 Closing the Feedback Loop
Demand for proof-of-performance claims plus increasing designer confidence lead to a resurgence in evidence-based design
11/2006 Energy Security Code of Conduct
Before we can solve the world's energy crisis, the industry must address the disorganized state of worldwide standards.
06/2006 Our Moral Imperative
We must do whatever we can to reduce the carbon footprints of buildings
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