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The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect
America’s first naval shipyard in Philadelphia is reborn as a corporate campus.

illustration by Carl DeTorres

The Rowhouse Redefined

The Rowhouse Redefined
With new population growth, an old building type in Philadelphia gets reinvented.

Photo © Sam Oberter

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11/2013 The Ripple Effect
America’s first naval shipyard in Philadelphia is reborn as a corporate campus.
11/2013 The Rowhouse Redefined
With new population growth, an old building type in Philadelphia gets reinvented.
09/2013 Growing Pains
Tall buildings emerge from two motives: density and pride. Although the motives are often mixed, it's mainly density that accounts for urban skylines like those of Hong Kong, New ...
09/2013 Two Icons Go Green
Long overdue upgrades make Manhattan’s Empire State Building and the U.N. Secretariat relevant in the 21st Century.
07/2013 What's the Right Dose?
Many are using things like LEED certification as a marker of healthy building when the facts don’t always align with the claims.
05/2013 Power to the People
New technology lets occupants work with building systems rather than against them, to improve personal comfort while reducing energy costs.
03/2013 Timber! Are We Out on a Limb?
How does increasing the use of wood in building reconcile with reducing the pressure on global forests?
01/2013 The Key Ingredient
Corporate America is finally recognizing that profitability and environmental stewardshipi are compatible goals.
01/2013 Thermo-Bimetals in Action
Doris Kim Sung is working to integrate thermo-bimetals into standard building components.
11/2012 The Waterfront Emerges
After the demolition of the infamous urban blockade known as the Embarcadero Freeway, San Francisco’s Harbor began a miraculous renaissance that continues today.
11/2012 What's Old Is New Again
America’s innovation capital is transforming its industrial heritage into an engine of the 21st-century economy.
09/2012 Cultivating the Next Generation
Three prominent examples of how green schools are reconnecting children with their environment.
07/2012 Here's To Your Health!
Design teams are capitalizing on evidence that links the built environment and wellness to make better places for living, healing, and working.
05/2012 London Calling
An analysis of the past three summer Olympics and a look to the future 2012 event in London.
03/2012 Cave for Kids
Youngsters at Breidablikk Kindergarten in Trondheim, Norway, are enamored with their newest amusement—a 172-square-foot cube structure speckled with rainbow-colored bits and toppe...
03/2012 Green Inc.
While there may be an almost across-the-board belief that reducing pollution is important, being "green" means different things to different companies.
01/03/12 Sustainable Solutions
At a time when many districts are tightening their belts, the green schools movement is gaining steam.
01/2012 Trades Going Green
Specialty contractors work in the trenches of green
11/2011 Here Comes the Sun: 2011 Solar Decathlon
This fall, the U.S. Department of Energy hosted its fifth Solar Decathlon in the District of Columbia's West Potomac Park, a shuttle bus ride from its previous location on the Nat...

How Green Is My Toronto?
Despite a worrisome future, the city of Toronto boasts a stunning legacy of sustainable design.

07/2010 Green Manufacturers Examine Their Impacts
Factories are no longer the smog-belching waste generators they once were, thanks to economics, new standards, and a growing demand for green products.

A Plan for All Seasons
Passive House grows beyond the grassroots with a new wave of high-performance projects.


Sustainable Streets
Cities implement safe, sustainable street initiatives to protect the public and preserve the environment.

11/2010 Stormwater Solutions
Green infrastructure strategies for cheap, effective, a nd beautiful rainwater management
11/2010 Green is the New Black
Eco-pioneers build a culture of green commerce in development, construction, and real estate.
11/2010 Top 100 Design Firms List
Sustainability Holds Steady: Despite drops in overall 2009 revenues, profits from green projects continue to grow.
11/2010 Top 100 Contractors List
Contractors’ Edge is Green: In 2009 sustainable projects grew, and firms doing the bulk of that work weathered the storm.
09/2010 Digging For Dollars
Government incentives are not always easy to get, but they can significantly help a project's bottom line.
07/2010 Sprouting Green Leaders
Directors of Sustainability often have to invent their own job descriptions as they work to transform their organizations.
05/2010 It Isn’t Easy Grading Green
Navigating the international approaches to green building certification reveals cultural and climatic variations
05/2010 Sauntering Structures
Students reap the benefits of fresh air and innovative design in these modern pod classrooms.
03/2010 Retrofitting Revolution
Where are federal economic stimulus dollars for clean energy going? And how is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act boosting jobs in green design and construction?
01/2010 After the Snow Melts
Vancouver builds its Winter 2010 Olympics with post-event needs in mind.
11/2009 Greening Phoenix
After decades of rampant growth, sustainability is the new frontier.
11/2009 The Secret Life of Buildings
Gauge the cumulative impact of a building’s materials and its operations—and they could be the future of green-building.
09/2009 The New Green U
Design educators are choosing different paths for guiding tomorrow’s architects toward a carbon-free future.
07/2009 Eco-Design Risks
The gray in green: as sustainable design and construction gains momentum, project teams are facing new risks and finding limited solutions.
05/2009 Greening India
India’s architectural traditions have always reflected sustainable principles, even if its building codes haven’t. foreign architects are learning this quickly.
03/2009 Searching for Clarity Amid Green Certifications
A single leader has failed to emerge among green certifications, but the federal government could change all that.
01/2009 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Even as leed for neighborhood development emerges from nascence, the program has already proven itself versatile and market-friendly.
11/2008 Inside the House of the Future
Green technology, wireless connectivity, and less ostentation are just some of the newest home-building trends.
11/2008 Boston’s Green Revolution
How an old city learns new sustainable tricks.
11/2008 Urban Harvest
Western designers are changing the face of Asia with city-scale green developments.
09/2008 Shedding Weight
Today’s public rail facilities acknowledge train depots’ passive-design past while further lessening their impact on the environment.
07/2008 COTE D?Azure
The AIA/COTE top ten was founded to provide much-needed case studies of excellence in sustainable design. Twelve years and widespread acceptance later, the sky’s the limit.
04/2008 A River Runs Through It
Rivers are still the lifelines of American cities, but in a new age of urbanization, once crowded waterways boast a greener complexion.
01/2008 Living In The Lab
When firms need firsthand evidence that green building strategies work, they turn to their own offices.
07/2007 Pacific University incorporates green building into new buildings [links to: northwest.construction.com]
07/2007 California's Green Building Quarterly Update[links to: california.construction.com]
07/2007 More Owners, A/E/S Professionals Realizing Value of Sustainability [links to: intermountain.construction.com]
07/2007 Chicago, My Kind of Green
The Windy City Presents a Snapshot of The Sustainability Movement's Strengths and Shortcomings.
07/2007 European Vocation
When it comes to sustainable design, Americans have often looked to Europe for expertise, but that?s changing.
06/19/07 USGBC Finds Research Underfunded
0420/07 California's Green Building Quarterly [links to: california.construction.com]
04/2007 The Hidden Life of Green
Sustainable features in buildings don't have to be front and center to have a meaningful impact on performance
03/23/07 Flame Retardant Exposure Linked to Household Dust
03/12/07 On the greenhouse gas trail, one engineer aims beyond "carbon neutral" [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
03/12/07 Following carbon footprints leads architects and consultants to their own doorsteps [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
02/2007 Mandating Green
New Laws Push Sustainable Design into Regulatory Mode [links to: newyork.construction.com]
11/2006 A Group Effort
Architects, designers, and clients embrace an integrated design process.
07/2005 The Pick of the Sustainable Crop.
Lessons learned from AIA Committee on the Environment award winners. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
06/2005 How is LEED faring after five years of use?
The most successful rating system for green buildings is evolving. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
03/2005 Giving old buildings a reason to live.
Recycling buildings is an important strategy for going green. Here's how to do it. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
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