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Made in the Shade Made in the Shade
November   2014

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Western Perspectives Western Perspectives
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Additional Projects
11/2014 Made in the Shade
10/2014 Western Perspectives
09/2014 A Case for Colocation
08/2014 Bio Based
07/2014 Ventilated in Vancouver
06/2014 Climate Change
05/2014 A Soaring Environmental Education Center Sets an Example of High Performance
04/2014 Firsthand Knowledge
03/2014 Now Turn to the Right
02/2014 Worthy of Ophelia
01/2014 Green From the Get Go
12/2013 By Land and by Sea
11/2013 Follow the Light
10/2013 Philadelphia Story
09/2013 Buzzworthy: W Austin's high-rise rooftop apiary is the first of its kind in the Texas city.
08/2013 Bright College Years: Moravian College improves the efficiency of its athletic facility.
07/2013 Gas Works
06/2013 Quicker Picker Upper: A Norwegian recycling plant is renovated for speedier service.
05/2013 Shop Local: Everything you always wanted to know about local sourcing, but were afraid to ask.
04/2013 Lessons in Resilience: A logging community's new school chooses sustainability for self-reliance.
03/2013 The Modulated Modular: Playing (mostly) by industry rules to build a better portable classroom.
02/2013 Take It to the Bridge
01/2013 Seeing Forest and Trees
12/2012 An Open-and-Shut Case: A smart building in Abu Dhabi reboots a traditional shading device.
11/2012 Plug It In: For a new Palo Alto car dealership, form follows Fisker.
10/2012 Young Athletes Society
09/2012 The Big Chill: Paired with enthalpy wheels, chilled beams operate rain-free in a humid climate.
08/2012 Discreet Heat
07/2012 The Flat Pack: In Palm Springs, turning the sustainability dial on steel–component housing
06/2012 Inward Looking: At MIT, a design team strives to build a better historic masonry envelope.
05/2012 All Together Now: Weaving fun into integrated project delivery.
04/2012 Young at Heart: A senior living facility takes retirement out of isolation.
03/2012 Uphill Battle: A Seattle house defies gravity to manage stormwater.
02/2012 Higher Cred
01/2012 Pre School
12/2011 Hierarchy of Values
11/2011 Seize the Moment
10/2011 Eat at Joe’s: An Ivy League cafe earns LEED Gold—and orders off the eco-menu, too.
09/2011 All of the Above: The Diana Center’s curtain wall embodies multiple choices of shading, insulating, connecting.
08/2011 Open Up and Say Ah: A dental office embraces the greenery and daylight of an adjacent park.
07/2011 Last-Minute Photovoltaics: Prudent planning, plus a flexible approach to installation design, allows an architect to embrace an influx of PVs.
06/2011 Community Fiberglass: A public shade structure is made from the remnants of the Hoosier Dome.
05/2011 Bourne Again: Sustainability gets sly in a repurposed textile mill.
04/2011 Under the Bleachers: Beneath Longwood Gardens’ new terraced landform, sustainability blooms.
03/2011 Kram it in: Villa Kram redefines the two-family house to include party walls—as well as ceilings and floors.
02/2011 Taking the Plunge: Sustainable Indoor Pools
01/2011 Another Man’s Treasure: In renovating a TV studio into offices for AECOM, daylight goes from problem to priority.
12/2010 Blue’s Clues: A Seattle architect pursues a cheap-and-green philosophy—with the help of vinyl windows and Hardiplank.
11/2010 Lemons to Lemonade: Empty bottles inspire a young designer’s competition-winning bus shelter.
10/2010 Best Friends: Symbiosis helps one Philadelphia office building achieve LEED Platinum.
09/2010 It's a Wrap: A second skin improves a Brentwood home’s performance, and its design cred.
08/2010 Core Strength: At a new Stanford building, atria double-major in sustainability and community.
07/2010 Caprice and Construction: Considering the lifecycle of nightlife.
06/2010 Inconvenient Research: Envision Design goes to extra lengths to achieve shorter radiuses.
05/2010 Turned Inside-Out: To daylight its new Faculty of Law building, the University of Sydney presumed a central atrium—FJMT suggested a surprising alternative.
04/2010 Hope Floats: The redevelopment of the West Palm Beach, Florida, waterfront includes a floating dock that’s also a water-filtration device. >
03/2010 Going for a Spin: Enthalpy wheels flood the Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology with fresh air.
02/2010 A Desert Portal Made of Desert Materials: The Gateway to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve appears sprung from the earth.
01/2010 Two-Faced: Despite differing appearances, the broadest elevations of the Zuckerman Research Center both aim to maximize daylight without the heat gain
12/2009 Roof Positive: Meg Needle, AIA, LEED AP, and GRP, welcomes the newfound popularity of green roofs—and the challenges that come with it.
11/2009 Meter Reader: A Solar Decathlon house shows off the Building Dashboard, an Internet-enabled energy and water monitoring system
10/2009 Going With the Flow: On the Charles River, the new Community Rowing Boathouse draws from historical precedent and modern technology to maximize natural ventilation
09/2009 Windscaping: Water conservation through wind deflection
08/2009 Sustaina-bling-ity: A new headquarters building is not shy about its green stance
07/2009 The Answer, My Friend: An electricity cooperative reuses a small commercial wind turbine—and edifies a community
06/2009 Function Follows Form: A conference center’s soaring roof multitasks to green effect
05/2009 Sip Lightly: In Las Vegas, a refresher course in the preciousness of water
04/2009 Going Native: A contemporary visitor’s center rooted in local inspirations and resources
03/2009 Coming Out of the Dark: A former Federal Reserve bunker protects a different kind of currency
02/2009 Light Fantastic: A school facility shows off a variety of daylighting techniques
01/2009 Water World: A giant rainwater cistern is transformed into the centerpiece of an Australian getaway
12/2008 Off the Wall: Trombe walls at a visitor’s center bask in the sunshine
11/2008 Natural Healing: An Exemplary Healthcare Environment Hits the Road
10/2008 Park(ing) Garages
09/2008 Daylighting for Deep Interiors
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