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12/27/05 AIA Board of Directors Sets Ambitious Agenda for Sustainability [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
11/21/05 Green Rating System Receives a Revamp. Some users worry that streamlined submittal process could result in loss of accountability. [links to: enr.com]
11/15/05 Greenbuild Focuses on Process Improvements and Business Case for Sustainability. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
11/2005 Task force helps shape sustainability agenda for the AIA . [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
10/17/05 Clean Water: General Electric Finalizes Cleanup Plan For PCBs in Hudson River. [links to: enr.com]
10/2005 Indoor Air Quality Management Plan to Meet LEED Requirements. [links to: southwest.construction.com]
10/11/05 Court Takes Up Wetlands Case in Rare Move . [links to: enr.com]
10/03/05 Clean coal: Near-Zero-Emissions Plant Is Goal of FutureGen Alliance. [links to: enr.com]
10/2005 Damaged buildings and widespread environmental hazards remain in Katrina’s aftermath. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
09/15/05 Environmental Catastrophe Feared in New Orleans Flood.
Concern is rising about Hurricane Katrina's environmental consequences. [links to: enr.com]
09/05/05 Clean Air: Regional Group Plans End-run to Cut Carbon Emissions.
Some states creating their own plan as alternative to Kyoto Treaty. [links to: enr.com]
08/01/05 Great Lakes Cleanup Plan Moves Ahead. Great Lakes states have taken another step forward toward salvaging the region’s crumbling ecosystem. [links to: enr.com]
07/29/05 Congress Approves Wide-Ranging Energy Bill; Bush Says He Will Sign It. The largest energy bill in more than a decade is on its way to enactment. [links to: enr.com]
07/12/05 Overhaul Ordered for Nation's Deadliest Wind Farm . [links to: enr.com]
07/11/05 Comment Wanted On New LEED Rating Draft. [links to: enr.com]
06/20/05 U.K. Funds Development of Carbon Dioxide Storage Plans. [links to: enr.com]
04/25/05 State Legislators Take ‘LEED’ With New Green Building Law. [links to: enr.com]
04/11/05 New Mexico Legislature Passes Sweeping Solar Energy Bill. [links to: enr.com]
04/04/05 University System Leads California Demand Reduction. [links to: enr.com]
03/14/05 California Colleges and Utilities Look to Cut Power Costs. [links to: enr.com]
02/28/05 Rapidly Evolving Rating System Draws Applause and Criticism. [links to: enr.com]
02/14/05 Poultry Litter To Fuel Minnesota Plant. [links to: enr.com]
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12/23/04 Vinyl Use Difficult Issue for Sustainable Building Industry. [links to: enr.com]
11/22/04 ‘Green’ Builders Tackling Sensitive Technical Issues. [links to: enr.com]
11/08/04 Rating System Makes Headway. The U.S. Green Building Council is launching its LEED for Existing Buildings rating system. [links to: enr.com]
08/23/04 Feds OK Redesign To Boost Migrating Salmon Survival. [links to: enr.com]
08/09/04 Big Owners Balance Triple Bottom Line. Major companies now report on social and environmental as well as financial performance. [links to: enr.com]
06/21/04 Sustainable Development Tops the List of Priorities. [links to: enr.com]
04/19/04 Larger Projects Gain Ground As Technology Improves. Long a small-scale darling of green-energy advocates, solar power recently has been bulking up with announcements of several high-profile, large-scale projects. [links to: enr.com]
09/08/03 Navy Prepares Demonstration Of Ocean Generation Plant. [links to: enr.com]
04/29/02 Big Turnabouts in Green Market. Savvy stewards of sustainable development sell dollars and sense, not the ‘tree-hugger' label. [links to: enr.com]
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