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12/22/06 State Building Earns Silver LEED rating [links to: northwest.construction.com]
12/22/06 Is Population Growth Recipe for Gridlocked Nation? [links to: midwest.construction.com]
12/22/06 Canada Puts Chemicals Under Scrutiny
12/22/06 EPA Limits Cement Plant Emissions
12/22/06 Kaiser Moves Away from PVC Roofing
12/2006 Always Green Building, Always, Wal-Mart Announces [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
12/2006 An Amazonian Capital Rediscovers the Amazon [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
12/2006 DOE Funds Near-Zero Coal Emission Power Projects [links to: enr.com]
12/2006 Appeals Court Rejects EPA Ozone Rule [links to: enr.com]
12/2006 Manure-Effluent Bath Cuts Perchlorate Contamination [links to: enr.com]
12/2006 Utilities, EPA and Environmental Groups Battle Over Pollutant Control Definitions [links to: enr.com]
12/2006 Los Angeles Completes Light Rail Tunnel [links to: enr.com]
12/2006 USGBC Names Nation's First Certified Town Center [links to: colorado.construction.com]
12/2006 U.S. Sustainable Energy Announces 'Green' Power Facility [links to: southcentral.construction.com]
12/2006 New Architecture, Sustainable Design Boost Eugene, Oregon [links to: northwest.construction.com]
11/2006 California Green Building Quarterly News Roundup
11/2006 Permit Program Speeds Greening of Chicago midwest.construction.com]
11/29/06 Top Ten Green Projects Call for Entries
11/29/06 Green Buildings Investment Fund Open for Business
11/29/06 New Energy Performance Indicator for Cement Plants
11/29/06 GSA Publishes C&D Recycler Database
11/29/06 Interface Unites Company in Global Re-Brand
11/29/06 Casework Producers Abandon Agrifiber Panels
11/13/06 It Makes Sense To Build Green [links to: enr.com]
11/13/06 Green Initiatives Flourish Across U.S. [links to: enr.com]
10/25/06 WTC Going for Gold
10/25/06 Global Green Announces New Orleans Winners
10/10/06 Company focuses on bringing LEDs to the residential market
10/10/06 California Combats Climate Change
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09/2006 Turner Green Building Conference [links to: california.construction.com]
09/18/06 New Realities Bring About a Construction Climate Change [links to: enr.com]
09/2006 High-Performance Schools Foster the Learning Process [links to: southwest.construction.com]
09/05/06 McDonald's Achieves LEED Gold
09/05/06 New Toilet Testing Transforms Performance
08/31/06 Holcim Announces Awards for Sustainable Construction
08/31/06 Chicago to Help Fund Green Roofs
08/31/06 Air Pollution Linked to Developmental Delay
08/2006 METRO Plans Light-Rail Expansion [links to: texas.construction.com]
08/2006 Dallas Earns First Silver LEED Certification [links to: texas.construction.com]
08/2006 Green Building Chapter Honors Three [links to: midwest.construction.com]
08/23/06 Amid a heated photovoltaic market, DuPont plans expanded production
08/22/06 Low-E Glass Gains Ground
08/22/06 USGBC Adds New Members to its Research Committee
08/09/06 Bamboo Captures the Chic Crowd
08/09/06 NAHB Seeks ANSI Accreditation for Green Guidelines
08/09/06 USDA Resists Updating Plant Hardiness Zones to Reflect Warming Trend
08/09/06 IIDA Announces Smart Environments Winners
08/09/06 Reinventing the Portable Classroom
07/11/06 USGBC Seeks to Make LEED More Wood Friendly
07/10/06 Solar Trough Power Plant Opens in Arizona
07/10/06 World Trade Center Dust Claims First Confirmed Victim
07/10/06 Developing Farmland Can Release Contaminants
07/10/06 Beetles Threaten British Columbia Forest Catastrophe
07/10/06 Maine Offers Mercury Thermostat Recycling Incentive
07/10/06 British Columbia Forest Catastrophe
07/2006 Proposed LEED changes intensify debate over recognition of wood certification systems [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
07/2006 Mayors move to halt climate change with goals for carbon neutral buildings [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
06/2006 A code-enforceable standard - Trade groups join forces to craft a code-enforceable standard for green buildings
06/09/06 Cascadia POE Shows Encouraging Results
05/17/06 World Business Council Aims for Climate-Neutral Buildings
05/17/06 Wisconsin to Green State Buildings
05/17/06 Toronto Commits to Green Roofs
05/11/06 Landowner to Pay for Clean Water Act Violations
05/11/06 Largest North America Photovoltaic System Planned for New Jersey Meadowlands
02/26/06 Arup Developing Green City in China [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
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