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12/13/07 Gore Delivers Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
12/10/07 MP Global's Fibrous Underlayments Achieve Indoor Advantage Gold
11/30/07 New Organization Supports Green Mechanical Subcontractors
11/29/07 Group to Create Rating System for Landscapes
11/28/07 WaterSense Expands to Bathroom Faucets
11/27/07 Report Finds Shorter Commutes in Portland
11/26/07 Minnesota Residential Green Building Program Launched
11/26/07 FSC Names New President
11/21/07 New York Adopts California’s High-Performance Schools Guidelines
11/20/07 Fusiotherm Polypropylene Pipe Has New North American Distributor
11/19/07 Competition Asks Architects to "Design Like You Give a Damn"
11/16/07 New York's First Lady Pushes for Green Home Grants
11/15/07 Indoor Air Quality Study Supports Replacing Older Woodstoves
11/14/07 Mixed-Use in Chicago Taps Renewable Energy
11/08/07 Clinton: Sustainability “Most Important” Cause Today
10/26/07 NARI Offers Certification for Green Remodelers
10/25/07 Landscape Architecture Is Going “Greener”
10/24/07 Lifecycle Building Challenge Winners Announced
10/23/07 Illinois Legislates for Green Neighborhoods, Cities
10/22/07 New Standard Puts Air Barriers to the Test
10/18/07 Banner Bank Earns LEED Platinum, Then Goes to the Movies
10/17/07 Living Steel Sustainable Housing Winners Announced
10/2007 Sunny Skies for Third Decathlon
10/10/07 Timeline and Reports on Forest Certification in LEED Released
10/06/07 Green's the New Color at Harvard and Yale [links to: archrecord.construction]
10/06/07 Is Your Town Toxic?[links to: businessweek.com]
10/06/07 Bush's Climate Meeting: Talk, But No Action [links to: businessweek.com]
10/04/07 Solar Park Planned for Denver’s Federal Center
10/03/07 Integrated Design Process Standard Approved
10/01/07 Philips Introduces Lower Mercury Fluorescent Lamps
09/27/07 President Bush Authorizes Energy Research, But May Not Fund It
09/26/07 MetroPaint Earns Green Seal Certification
09/25/07 New Clout for Cradle to Cradle Design [links to: businessweek.com]
09/25/07 Wal-Mart: Measuring Just How Green [links to: businessweek.com]
09/25/07 Organizations Developing Measurement Tools for Buildings
09/24/07 The State of Green [links to: businessweek.com]
09/24/07 Turning the United Nations Green [links to: businessweek.com]
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09/20/07 National Green Building Program from NAHB
09/19/07 Heating, Cooling Authority Makes Headquarters Green
09/19/07 New Los Angeles Light Rail Line Gets Final Funding Boost
09/18/07 Grocery Store Earns LEED Gold
09/17/07 BOMA Announces Energy Savings Plan for Existing Buildings
09/14/07 Maryland to Welcome $325 Million Wave of Ethanol Plants [links to: midatlantic.construction]
09/14/07 Charm City Going Green? [links to: midatlantic.construction]
09/13/07 The Greener the Better: U.S. mayors champion the greening of schools, new study shows economic advantages [links to: colorado.construction]
09/12/07 Sustainability Heads South of the Border [links to: archrecord.construction]
09/12/07 Chennai Airport to be India’s Greenest [links to: archrecord.construction]
09/11/07 Armstrong Achieves LEED-EB Platinum at Pennsylvania Headquarters
09/11/07 Green Building Quarterly  [links to: california.construction]
09/10/07 “Ecology.Design.Synergy” Exhibition Opens in Cambridge
09/07/07 ASHRAE Unveils New Energy Performance Comparison Standard
09/06/07 President Clinton to Headline Greenbuild 2007
09/05/07 Report Says Green Still Doesn't Drive Building Cost
09/04/07 Updated Guide Shows the Way to Cost-Effective Energy Optimization
08/30/07 Parking Lot Power in San Diego
08/29/07 “Building a Sustainable World” Winners Announced
08/28/07 USGBC Hits 10,000-Member Mark
08/27/07 Students take on concrete for sustainable design competition
08/24/07 Home Depot Rolls Out Green Labeling
08/23/07 House of Representatives Embraces Carbon Neutrality—for Itself
08/22/07 Merchandise Mart Pursuing LEED
08/21/07 World Green Building Council Helps Accelerate Growth of Green
08/21/07 In Siberia, 'Mammoth' Ecological Concerns Resolved [links to: ENR.com]
08/20/07 Interface to Recycle Nylon Carpet Fiber into Fiber
08/17/07 Canadian Building Organizations Abandon Cross-Promotion Plan
08/17/07 DiCaprio’s “The 11th Hour” documentary brings green back into theaters
08/16/07 New Version of Cradle to Cradle Certification Program Released
08/15/07 Carbon-Neutral Products Approved for LEED Innovation Point
08/14/07 Public comment open on LEED for High Performance Operations
08/14/07 Cradle to Cradle Recognized in LEED
08/13/07 ASHRAE Announces Certification Programs
08/10/07 Lights Out for the Incandescent Lamp?
08/10/07 DuPont Pledges to Eliminate Toxic PFOA by 2015
08/09/07 Architects Plan to Grow House from Plants
08/08/07 New Mexico Governor Signs Green Home Tax Incentive
08/08/07 California Design Firm Heads for Zero-Energy
08/07/07 GSA Moving Towards Ban on Underfloor Air
08/06/07 Utah's construction industry embraces green building [links to: intermountain.construction]
08/06/07 CSU Transit Center Earns LEED Gold Certification [links to: colorado.construction]
08/06/07 DPR begins 365 Main’s Newark Data Center Facility [links to: california.construction]
08/06/07 CARB Adopts Strict Emissions Regulations [links to: california.construction]
08/03/07 Free On-line Construction Carbon Calculator Launched
08/02/07 EPA to Screen Chemicals for Endocrine Disruption
08/01/07 California Limits Allowable Formaldehyde in Wood Panels
07/31/07 ACEEE Announces Three-Way Tie for Most Efficient State
07/30/07 USGBC to Commit $1 Million for Green Building Research
07/27/07 Connecticut Expands Ban on Pesticides on School Grounds
07/27/07 EPA’s Energy Star program turns 15
07/26/07 USGBC approves LEED Innovation point for two product standards
07/26/07 $300 Million Windfarm to be Built in Roscoe [links to: texas.construction]
07/25/07 Nashville Public Square project wins green roof award
07/25/07 Nevada Suspends Green Building Tax Break [links to: southwest.contractor]
07/24/07 Carbon-Neutral Center Planned in Manhattan
07/24/07 ICC Joins USGBC to Create Educational Materials
07/24/07 DOE Releases EnergyPlus 2.0
07/23/07 ASTM Releases Standard for Investigating Residential Indoor Air Problems
07/23/07 Clinton Foundation Focuses on Existing Buildings
07/20/07 Second City No. 1 in Green Roofs for Second Straight Year [links to: midwest.construction]
07/20/07 Cascadia "Unconference" Sets the Leading Edge`
07/19/07 Proposed Standard 189 Under Evaluation [links to: intermountain.construction]
07/19/07 EPA Watershed Planning Tool Available
07/19/07 USGBC Members Approve Energy Requirement
07/18/07 Two Nonprofits Team Up with National Thermostat Recycling Program
07/18/07 Maine House Achieves LEED Platinum
07/17/07 Public Transit Gaining Ground
07/17/07 NYC Green Schools Guide Released
07/16/07 Appraising Green in Vancouver
07/16/07 Insurance Company Recognizes Solar Power Backup System
07/16/07 NYC Green Schools Guide Released
06/19/07 M2USA Looks to New Mexico for New Plant [links to: southwest.construction]
06/19/07 Tempe Goes for the Green on New Transportation Center [links to: southwest.construction]
06/19/07 Nevada's Largest Solar Power Plant Opens [links to: southwest.construction]
06/19/07 Springs Preserve Restores a Desert Oasis [links to: southwest.construction]
06/19/07 Standard 189 Released for Comment
06/19/07 2030 Challenge Baseline Set
06/19/07 Athena Institute Releases EcoCalculator
06/08/07 Scientists Bemoan Current Policies [links to: ENR.com]
06/08/07 Mulvanny Recognized for Recycling Efforts [links to: northwest.construction]
06/08/07 How Green Is Our Desert? [links to: southwest.construction.com]
06/08/07 Dallas DARTs Ahead With the roadmap in place, Dallas moves forward on major mass transit program [links to: texas.construction.com]
06/08/07 Carbon-Neutral Facility Coming to N.Y.C [links to: newyork.construction]
06/08/07 Sustainable Goes Mainstream Construction Industry Keeps Pace With Office Owners' Green Growth [links to: midwest.construction.com]
05/03/07 Green Roofs Sprouted 25 Percent More in 2006
05/03/07 Bank of America Unveils Environmental Initiatives
04/16/07 Green-Roof Study Results Offer Positive Surprises
04/2007 'Better, Faster, Cheaper, Green' BRAC, Iraq and fresh approach cause military construction to boom along Southern Front Range [links to: northwest.construction.com]
04/2007 Sustainable Building Conference Attracts 'Green' Thinkers [links to: northwest.construction.com]
04/04/07 New Resource Bank to Offer Financial Incentives for Green Builders
04/04/07 First WaterSense Labels for Certification Programs
04/04/07 Energy Star Streamlines SIP Home Inspection
04/04/07 Green Globes Announces Life-Cycle Assessment Tool for Rating Systems
04/04/07 Lifecycle Building Challenge Accepting Entries
04/04/07 USGBC Releases Final Report on PVC Avoidance
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