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12/23/08 Proximity Hotel in North Carolina is First to Earn LEED Platinum
12/23/08 ICC Launches Sustainability Verification for Products
12/23/08 Chicago Takes the Lead in Green Hotels
12/16/08 Biomimicry Guild, HOK in Alliance
12/16/08 Tax Credit Promotes Green Roofs in NYC
12/08/08 Federal Agenda for High-Performance Buildings Released
12/08/08 Illinois Synagogue Earns LEED Platinum
12/01/08 USGBC Announces Leadership Award Winners
12/01/08 Driven by LEED, Steelcase Gets FSC Certification
12/01/08 Sustainable Sites Initiative Draft Guidelines Available
11/26/08 BuildingGreen Unveils New Online Tool
11/26/08 Dozens of Eco-Products Get the Green Light from SCS
11/25/08 Presidential Climate Action Project Announces Stimulus Plan
11/24/08 Public Energy Benchmarking Causes Embarrassment in U.K.
11/24/08 California Sets Up Toxic Chemicals Registry
11/24/08 Suspended Ceilings Save Energy, Says Industry Study
11/24/08 New Tool Quantifies Shade Tree Benefits
11/24/08 Sherwin-Williams Debuts Low- and Zero-VOC Industrial Paints
11/24/08 California Seeks Reduced Emissions Through Regional Planning
11/24/08 Study Finds Quick Payback for LEED Investments
11/24/08 Biomimicry Institute Launches Public Domain Database of Nature- Inspired Design
11/17/08 Bill Pedersen Crafts Green Doghouse for Charity Auction
11/14/08 U.S. Green Building Council Pushes Obama To Act on Green Promises
11/12/08 Students Design-Build LEED Platinum Art Center for Tornado Ravaged Town
11/11/08 Flip A Strip Competition Envisions a Better Future for Sprawl
11/11/08 ASTM Gives New Prominence to Sustainability
11/11/08 Berkeley, California, Finances Solar Installations Through Property Taxes
11/11/08 Guide to Best Practices in Commissioning Released
11/10/08 Member Balloting for LEED 2009 Draws to a Close
11/05/08 Bailout Plan Includes Tax Incentives for Energy Efficiency
10/31/08 Dutch Green Building Council Selects BREEAM Over LEED
10/27/08 Green Roof Study Finds Big Variation in Stormwater Retention
10/27/08 Free Energy Modeling in Google SketchUp
10/27/08 National Research Council Calls for Overhaul in Stormwater Regulation
10/27/08 Energy-Use Reporting Mandated in California
10/21/08 Mayors' Alliance for Green Schools
10/21/08 The 2030 Challenge
10/20/08 Michigan Building First to Earn Double LEED Platinum Certification
10/13/08 Kaiser Opens Green Medical Center in Modesto
10/13/08 Australians Promote Cap-and-Trade System for Building Energy Use
10/09/08 Aon Offers Green Rebuilding Policy
10/09/08 Puget Sound Decision Mandates Low-Impact Development
10/09/08 Canadian LEED Update Close to Balloting
10/09/08 Vertical Food Gardens Sprout in L.A.’s Skid Row
09/30/08 Green Architect Michelle Kaufmann Calls for Sustainability “Nutrition” Labels
09/29/08 Momentum Grows For Futuristic Scheme
09/24/08 Princeton’s Campus Plan Comes Into Full Bloom
09/24/08 Home Depot Awards of Excellence
09/22/08 Masonite Offers Straw-Core Door With No Added Urea-Formaldehyde
09/22/08 Groups Set Mercury Limits for Flyash in Concrete
09/19/08 HOK Partners with Biomimicry Guild to Advance Green Design
09/15/08 Groups Merge to Coordinate Greening of Hospitals
09/15/08 California Adopts Voluntary Green Building Standards
09/15/08 Canadian Development Dockside Green Earns LEED Platinum
09/11/08 U.S. Green Building Council Announces Recipients of $2 Million Green Building Research Grants
09/11/08 Building-Integrated Wind Arrives at Logan International Airport
09/11/08 D.C. Requires Building Owners to Report Energy Use
09/1108 Aspen Considers Renewable Energy Requirements for Commercial Buildings
09/04/08 Regional Standards for Air-Conditioners in the Works
09/04/08 Department of Energy Focuses on Net-Zero Commercial Buildings
09/04/08 From Parking to Park—Until the Meter Runs Out
08/29/08 Universities Aim for “A+” in Carbon Reductions
08/28/08 Olympic Village takes the gold
08/26/08 The Princeton Review Introduces Green College Ratings
08/26/08 HUD Encourages Green Public Housing
08/26/08 EPA to Study Formaldehyde
08/26/08 Autodesk, Bentley Continue to Expand, Agree to Collaborate
08/26/08 Solar Water Heating Required in New Homes in Hawaii
08/21/08 Conserval Introduces Rooftop PV and Thermal Modules
08/21/08 San Francisco Allocates $3 Million for PV Incentives
08/21/08 An Ill Wind Blows From Capitol Hill As Alt Energy Tax Credits Expire
08/21/08 California Utility Inks Two Deals for Another 880 MW of Power
08/12/08 Canadian Study Finds Regulations Can Handle Nanotechnology
08/12/08 First Canada Green Building Council Summit a Success
08/12/08 "Right to Dry" Protected in Colorado
08/12/08 Massachusetts Enacts Far-Reaching Energy Legislation
08/06/08 AIA and USGBC To Form a Strategic Alliance
08/06/08 AIA Deconstructs Green-Building Standards
08/05/08 Museum to Showcase Sustainability of Communities
07/30/08 Cities Mandate LEED But Not Certification
07/30/08 An Affordable Heat-Pump Water-Heater Retrofit
07/30/08 Architecture for Humanity Selects Winners in Open Architecture Network Competition
07/28/08 Appalachia Scheme Wins Bucky Fuller Design Contest
07/25/08 Green Housing is Bright Spot on Otherwise Gloomy Market
07/21/08 Nanotech Textile Finish Gets (Mixed) Environmental Ratings
07/21/08 Green Cleaning Required in LEED for Existing Buildings
07/21/08 Facility Operating Costs Increase Despite Drop in Energy Consumption
07/21/08 Furniture Gets Multiple-Attribute Sustainability Certification
07/21/08 Forbo Offering Marmoleum Composition Tile
07/17/08 California Buildings Go Green
07/17/08 Architecture 2030 Reveals New Guide to Reduce Consumption
07/14/08 AIA Releases Educational Video Series
07/14/08 World Leaders Meet to Discuss Global Warming Crisis
07/08/08 Nation's First LEED Platinum Affordable Housing Built in Massachusetts
07/08/08 Thermal Energy Storage Units Come Down in Size
07/08/08 Green Real Estate Certification Available
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06/27/08 Two Studies Measure Perks of Green Buildings [links to: archrecord.construction]
06/27/08 Top Green Design Firms 2008 [links to: enr.construction]
06/26/08 GreenPlumbers USA Aims to Save Water and Energy
06/16/08 Insurers Promote Green Rebuilding
06/16/08 L.A. Community Colleges on the Road to Energy Independence
06/16/08 Major Cities Require Private Buildings to Go Green
06/16/08 KB Home Leads Calvert's Green Ranking of Major Homebuilders
06/09/08 WaterSense Offers Certification for Houses
06/09/08 GBI National Standard Released for Public Comment
06/09/08 Groups Petition EPA to Regulate Nanosilver
06/03/08 USGBC to Outsource LEED Certification
06/03/08 Next Generation of LEED Out for Public Comment
06/03/08 FSC National Standard Friendly to Small Forests
06/02/08 AIA Requires Sustainability in Continuing Education
06/02/08 New Wetland Rules Favor Off-Site Mitigation
05/28/08 USGBC Seeks Public Input on LEED 2009 [links to: archrecord.construction]
05/22/08 Green Teaching Tools Earn Recognition and Financial Support
05/22/08 Element Hotels Target Green-Minded Travelers
05/22/08 Residential Water Heaters to Get Energy Star Label
05/13/08 Home Depot Partners with Habitat on Green Affordable Housing
05/13/08 Cree Acquires LED Lighting Fixtures
05/08/08 Contractors Subject to New Lead Paint Regulations
05/08/08 Higher Occupancy, Higher Lease Rates for Green Buildings
05/08/08 AIA/COTE Announces 2008 Top Ten Green Projects
05/02/08 Redefining Progress Launches New Footprint Quiz
05/02/08 Certifying Buildings En Masse
05/02/08 New Type of Waterless Urinal Cartridge Focus of Lawsuit
04/28/08 Steel Group Up in Arms Over Green Building Standard Draft [links to: enr.construction]
04/28/08 Energy Star Labels for LED Lighting
04/28/08 Study Links Biobased Products with Emissions
04/11/08 IIDA Headquarters Achieves LEED Interiors Certification
04/11/08 Federal 2009 Budget a Mixed Bag for Green Building
04/11/08 CDC Finds Elevated Formaldehyde Levels in FEMA Trailers
04/03/08 BIM Companies Acquiring Energy Modeling Capabilities
04/03/08 Wal-Mart Introduces Second Generation of High-Efficiency Stores
04/03/08 NAHB Launches National Green Building Program
04/03/08 Neighborhood Development Awards Recognize Chicago Projects
04/02/08 GGHC Announces Prescriptive Paths to Energy Points
04/02/08 USGBC Provides List of LEED Project Innovations
04/02/08 Alliance for Water Efficiency Offers Water Conservation Assistance
04/02/08 First U.S. City Resolves to Build LEED Platinum
04/01/08 Study Finds Elevated PCB Levels in Homes
04/01/08 National Design Associations Propose National Academy
04/01/08 Nonmetallic Pressure-Treated Wood Products from Viance
04/01/08 Northern Arizona University Research Facility Earns LEED Platinum
03/31/08 USGBC Doubles Research Funding
03/31/08 AQS Earns ISO-17025 Accreditation for Competence
03/26/08 AIA Aims to Green the Justice System
03/24/08 LED Lamp Sets Efficiency Record
03/24/08 Home Inspectors Get Their Own Green Building Course
03/24/08 Solar Services Bridge the Owner-Tenant Gap
03/24/08 California to Require Net-Zero-Energy Buildings
03/24/08 Oregon Group Develops Ecosystem Services Trading System
03/20/08 Formaldehyde-Free Bamboo Flooring Faceoff
02/27/08 AIA Reports on Successful Transportation Projects
02/26/08 High Perceived Cost of Green Persists, Says Survey
02/25/08 Kresge Expands Green Building Grants Program
02/22/08 Developer Daniel Tishman Selected to Chair NRDC Board
02/21/08 Healthcare May Take LEED in New Directions
02/20/08 SBIC Announces Beyond Green Winners
02/19/08 CCI Wields Purchasing Power for Energy Efficiency
02/15/08 Grand Teton Visitor Center Earns LEED Platinum
02/14/08 Canadian Multifamily Project Earns LEED Platinum
02/08/08 AIA Study Finds Growth in Municipal Green Building Programs
02/07/08 Seattle Mixed-Use Building Approaches 2030 Goals
02/06/08 Guidelines in Development for Residential Remodeling
02/05/08 New York State Pavilion Revival Wins USGBC’s Natural Talent Design Competition
02/04/08 IPCC Warns of Dire Climate Consequences
02/01/08 Kansas Town Rebuilding as the Greenest in America
01/31/08 Migrations Biobased Tile from Armstrong
01/30/08 USGBC Adopts Core Performance Guide for LEED Energy Points
01/29/08 AIA’s COTE Awards Deadline Extended to February 14
01/29/08 Life Support: Is the Everglades restoration dying? Funding issues have long delayed federal efforts and now may affect state projects. [links to: southeast.construction]
01/28/08 Focus on East River Waterfront Facelift [links to: newyork.construction]
01/28/08 Bank Launches Loan Program Targeting Green Building Criteria [links to: southwest.construction]
01/24/08 Green Cancer Center Rises in Connecticut [links to: newyork.construction]
01/24/08 Texas Turning Green [links to: texas.construction]
01/23/08 Champions of Sustainability: New Green Initiatives Help Drive Chicago’s Urban Renaissance [links to: midwest.construction]
01/22/08 Chicago Center for Green Technology [links to: midwest.construction]
01/22/08 New Jersey Struggles with the Definition of “Green” [links to: newyork.construction]
01/18/08 GE Real Estate Commits to Green
01/17/08 USGBC Releases Research Agenda
01/16/08 Universities Gain New Sustainability Reporting Tool
01/16/08 Guarding Against ‘Greenwashing’ [links to: southcentral.construction]
01/15/08 Materials Innovators Engage Cradle to Cradle Protocol
01/15/08 Special Report: The Price of Building Green [links to: colorado.construction]
01/14/08 Stone Industry Gathering Life-Cycle Data
01/14/08 Denver’s Newest Green Office Building Topped Out [links to: colorado.construction]
01/11/08 CSI and USGBC Strengthen Their Collaboration
01/10/08 New Green Training Program for Real Estate
01/10/08 New Orleans Waterfront Plan Takes Shape [links to: archrecord.construction]
01/10/08 Pitt Unveils Sustainable Designs for New Orleans [links to: archrecord.construction]
01/09/08 California Funds Solar Water Heating Systems
01/09/08 Toronto Public Housing Gets Green Makeover [links to: archrecord.construction]
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