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12/29/09 RMI Releases Carbon Footprint Tool
12/29/09 National Mall Plan Option Incorporates LEED
12/29/09 Diverse Interest Groups Support National Formaldehyde Standard
12/22/09 California Delays Energy Cost Disclosure Requirements
12/22/09 FSC, USGBC Accused of Deception, Anti-Competitive Practices
12/22/09 Two Studies Find Flaws in Energy Modeling
12/22/09 Funding Spurs Green Research Projects
12/17/09 LEED Pilot Library Includes LCA Credit
12/17/09 Study Shows Sustainability Supports Jobs
12/17/09 President Obama Supports Energy Retrofits
12/15/09 "Carbon Dioxide" Cube Debuts in Copenhagen
12/10/09 ASHRAE Announces Energy-Labeling Program
12/10/09 Contest Seeks Building Retrofit With a Zero Carbon Footprint
12/10/09 DOE Awards $620 Million for ARRA 'Smart Grid' Pilot Projects
12/04/09 ASHRAE Requires Mechanical Ventilation in Naturally Ventilated Commercial Buildings
12/04/09 IES Announces Climate Energy Index Design Tool
12/04/09 EPA Releases Standard for Showerheads
12/04/09 Sustainable Rating System for Colleges
12/04/09 Simulated Occupants Test Efficiency in Model Homes
12/04/09 Pre-Copenhagen Summary
11/23/09 Greening Buildings One Super at a Time
11/23/09 Granite Study Reveals Radiation Risks for Workers
11/23/09 ASHRAE Certifying Energy Modelers
11/23/09 One-Day Energy Reductions
11/23/09 Wind Turbine Certification Forthcoming
11/23/09 States Adopting BIM
11/18/09 Sustainability Boosters See Greener Pastures
11/17/09 MoMA/P.S.1 Announce Design Challenge for “Rising Currents”
11/17/09 NYC Supports Green Jobs
11/12/09 DOE Awards $3.4 Billion for 'Smart Grid' Upgrades
11/12/09 Pilot Projects Wanted to Test Eco-Landscape Rating System
11/10/09 Construction Starts on N.C.’s First Green Oyster Hatchery
11/10/09 Keys Resort Expands With Green, Modular Techniques
11/10/09 EPA Awards $6.8 Million to City, POH to Reduce Diesel Emissions
11/05/09 Making it Right with LEED Platinum
11/05/09 David Brower Center Recognized by Regional USGBC Chapter
10/28/09 Chicago Offers Elementary Students a Green School
10/28/09 Students Converge in D.C. for Solar Power Extravaganza
10/26/09 California Taxes State’s Worst Polluters
10/26/09 Power Pairing; Exelon Joins with Habitat
10/26/09 Back to School at the Old Power Plant
10/16/09 LEED-ND Approved by New Urbanism
10/16/09 Green Certification Standard Established for Restaurants
10/16/09 Underwriting Standards for Green Mortgage-Backed Securities
10/16/09 Allowing for Growth, Going for Green
10/16/09 Blu Homes Acquires Assets of mkDesigns
10/16/09 New USGBC Initiative Targets Building Performance
10/16/09 People Get Sicker in Overcooled and Overheated Buildings
10/09/09 Yes, We Can (Green the White House)
10/09/09 USGBC Revising Forest Certification Benchmark for LEED
10/06/09 EPA May Use Clean Air Act To Regulate Greenhouse Gasses
10/06/09 Geothermal Projects Not a Seismic Threat
10/06/09 St. Louis Sheet-Metal Union Plans $15-Million Green Facility
10/06/09 Global Engineers Must Push Sustainability Now
10/01/09 UL Environment Opening New Doors to Sustainability
10/01/09 AstroTurf Ordered to Curtail Lead Use
10/01/09 Green Homes, Built by Tech College Students, Are Hitting the Market
10/01/09 Construction of Net-Zero Community Near Boulder to Begin in Early 2010
09/25/09 Refrigerants Pose New Climate Risk
09/15/09 Heinz Awards Highlight Environmental Leaders
09/15/09 Whole Grains Good for Your Health… And Your Energy Bill?
09/15/09 ICC Announces Plan for Green Construction Code
09/14/09 The Top 100 Green Contractors
09/14/09 Porous Concrete Replaces Traditional Drainage Systems
09/14/09 Controversial Geothermal Job Suspended for Drilling Problems
09/11/09 AIG Insuring for Green Building Risks
09/11/09 AIA Brings 2030 Targets Down to Earth
09/11/09 Renewables Surge as Percentage of U.S. Electricity
09/11/09 Michelle Moore Joins the Obama Administration
09/11/09 New Lease Model Shares Green Building Costs and Benefits
09/11/09 Massachusetts Stretches the Energy Code
09/11/09 BAC Acquires Harvard Landscape Program
09/02/09 U.S. Postal Service Delivers Sustainable Message
09/01/09 HMH, HOK Go for LEED-Gold
09/01/09 Agreement Removes Obstacles Blocking Everglades Restoration
09/01/09 Green Job Opportunities Grow For Niche Contractors
09/01/09 Construction Begins on $100 Million Ark. Turbine Plant
09/01/09 Modeling Green
09/01/09 Exercise in Efficiency
09/01/09 World’s Largest PCB Cleanup Takes Fresh Approach
08/27/09 LEED Guaranteed? One Firm Says So
08/24/09 Greenbuild Phoenix Designed to Be a Star-Studded Event
08/24/09 Pittsburgh Preps for Summit with Green in Mind
08/24/09 Pilot Program Proven Sustainable Success
08/17/09 New Standard 55: Cool People, Not Buildings
08/17/09 USGBC and CCI Partner to Promote Green Urban Development
08/17/09 Cap-and-Trade Bill Includes Federal Energy Code
08/17/09 USGBC Appoints New Research Director
08/17/09 Funding Cut for Toxics Reduction
08/17/09 EPA’s Portfolio Manager Slated for Improvements
08/17/09 Obama Announces Stronger Lighting Efficiency Standards
08/17/09 Maine Fluorescent Lamp Bill Puts Manufacturers in Recycling Hot Seat
08/17/09 LEED AP Credential Maintenance Program Launched
08/17/09 ASHRAE Unveils Building Energy Label
08/14/09 DOE to Spend $6 Million On Controversial Geothermal Job
08/14/09 Coordinated Energy-Efficiency Strategy Would Spur Savings
08/14/09 Bending BIM to Design Utilities Breaks New Ground
08/05/09 Grading “Green” System
08/05/09 Students Design Sustainable Blimp
08/05/09 Environmental Sector Weathers Downturn With Influx of Dollars
08/05/09 World’s First Hybrid Bulldozer Keeps Up With the Bigger Cats
08/05/09 Landscape Architecture Rising
08/05/09 Building Rating System Requirement Raises Concerns
08/05/09 Refrigerants More Greenhouse Than ‘Green,’ Study Says
08/05/09 Seismic Retrofit Under Way At East Bay Impoundment
07/27/09 Green Briefs
07/27/09 The Next Energy Innovators
07/27/09 A Day in the Life of ARUP Engineer Fiona Cousins
07/27/09 DPR Breaks Ground on Sutter Medical Center, Castro Valley Project
07/20/09 Olé Chipotle!
07/20/09 Mazria Announced as Winner of Inaugural Hanley Award
07/20/09 Green Roof Organization Debuts New Credential
07/07/09 Enterprise Gets More Funding for Affordable Green Housing
07/07/09 Standard 189 Close to Complete
07/07/09 ASHRAE Releases Standard for Moisture-Control Design Analysis
07/07/09 EPA Moving Forward With Endocrine Disruptor Screening
07/07/09 Green Roofs Continue to Proliferate
07/07/09 FSC-Certified Bamboo Eligible for Certified Wood LEED Credit
07/07/09 SolFocus CPV Modules First to Meet Key Industry Standard
07/07/09 Green Schools May Get a Boost in 2009
07/07/09 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Fall in 2008
07/06/09 The Top 100 Green Design Firms
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06/30/09 International Green Construction Code (IGCC) Now in the Works
06/24/09 Deutsche Bank Sponsors “Real Time” Carbon Counter in New York
06/24/09 Global Holcim Awards Honor Sustainable Construction
06/11/09 Winners of ACSA Green Community Competition Announced
06/09/09 Enterprise Uses Recovery Act Financing to Promote Green Development in Poor Neighborhoods
06/09/09 Manufacturers Join Forces to Build Recycling Plant
06/09/09 New York County Restricts Lawn Fertilizers
06/09/09 Memorial for Gail Lindsey to Be Held in June
06/09/09 Florida Developer Plans All-Solar City
06/09/09 EPA to Limit Emissions from Cement Production
06/09/09 Invista Will Pay $500 Million to Clean Up Former DuPont Facilities
06/09/09 Cities Move to Improve Energy Efficiency
06/09/09 Daytime Light Pollution From Buildings May Harm Wildlife
06/09/09 Green Standard Registers First Environmental Product Declaration
06/09/09 Dirty-Dozen List of POPs Expanded
05/25/09 Building-Integrated Wind Power a Dubious Technology
05/25/09 Interraction Promises 360-Degree Consulting Expertise
05/15/09 ASHRAE Launches Commissioning Agent Certification
05/15/09 Phoenix Aiming for Carbon Neutrality
05/15/09 Energy Simulation Packages Updated
05/15/09 EPA to Mandate Emissions Reporting
05/15/09 Flame-Retardant Chemical Found in All U.S. Coastal Waters
05/15/09 Good Housekeeping Seal Goes Green
05/15/09 HUD and DOT Coordinating Efforts
05/15/09 Water Stewardship Label in the Works
05/14/09 Round Three for Green Building Standard
05/07/09 Vancouver Convention Centre’s Olympic Expansion
05/07/09 Vancouver’s Olympic Village Aims High on Sustainability Scale
05/07/09 "Laneway Housing" Gets Green Light in Vancouver
04/27/09 ASHRAE to Launch Building Performance Label
04/27/09 Data Center Groups Lobby USGBC for New LEED Rating System
04/22/09 2009 AIA Committee on the Environment Winners Announced
04/20/09 Coolerado Makes Solar Air Conditioning a Reality
04/20/09 NAHB Research Center Launches "Green Approved" Label
04/20/09 iCrete Mixes Stronger Concrete With Less Cement
04/16/09 Alternative Septic Systems Draw Criticism
04/16/09 Retrofitting Professionals Get an Industry Association
04/06/09 Beyond Green Awards
04/06/09 Dates Announced for LEED v.3 Launch, LEED AP Exams
04/06/09 Green Roof Professional Accreditation to Launch in June
04/06/09 USGBC Puts Scot Horst in Charge of LEED
04/01/09 SU Names Winners of “Green Home” Competition
03/26/09 Standard 189 Committee is Back to Work
03/26/09 Greg Franta, Green Pioneer, Found Dead After Month’s Search
03/26/09 A Model Ordinance Seeks to Put Lighting in its Place
03/26/09 Van Jones Named Advisor on Green Jobs
03/26/09 WaterSense Proposes Half-Gallon Spec for High-Efficiency Urinals
03/19/09 Groups to Collaborate on Shared Carbon Accounting Methods
03/18/09 UL Plugs Into Sustainable Design
03/18/09 Green Materials Proving To Be Economically Sustainable
03/18/09 Is the Green-Building Market Recession-Proof?
03/17/09 Obama Pushes Appliance Efficiency
03/17/09 Energy Retrofits Cost-Effective, Says DOE Study
03/17/09 ANSI Approves NAHB's Green Building Standard
03/16/09 LEED Projects Doubled in 2008
03/16/09 PEX Tubing Passes California Environmental Review
03/06/09 Additional Certification Programs Approved for LEED Flooring Credit
03/06/09 Lawsuit Over Failed LEED Certification Settled
02/23/09 Federal Eco-Labeling Law Taking Shape
02/23/09 PVC and Phthalates Linked to Respiratory Illness
02/23/09 Portland to Introduce Green Building Feebates
02/23/09 A Great LeapFrog Forward in Building with FSC-Certified Wood
02/16/09 Gottfried House Earns Highest LEED for Homes Score to Date
02/16/09 U.S. Hardwood Export Group Shows Sources Meet Legality Requirements
02/16/09 Icynene Introduces Spray Foam with Rapidly Renewable Content
02/09/09 D.C. Green Building Law Hits Enforcement Snag
02/09/09 DOE Requires More Stringent Energy Codes for States
02/09/09 Cushman & Wakefield to Green Its Real Estate Portfolio
02/09/09 Revisions to ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Would Expand Scope
02/05/09 Green Building Pioneer, Gail Lindsey, Dies
01/26/09 LEED AP Credential Program Overhauled
01/26/09 What Would St. Francis Build?
01/26/09 Knauf Introduces Ecose Biobased Binder
01/26/09 EPA Recognizes First WaterSense Home
01/22/09 Technical University of Madrid Unveils B&W House for Solar Decathlon Competition
01/21/09 Survey Targets Facility Energy Programs
01/21/09 EPA Proposing New Stormwater Guidelines
01/21/09 Recurrent Energy Leases Rooftops for Distributed Generation
01/21/09 SOM Teams with RPI to Create Center for Architecture Science and Ecology
01/13/09 USGBC Members Approve LEED 2009 Revisions
01/13/09 Underwriters Laboratories to Validate Environmental Claims
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