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Green and Environmental Building News - Archives
12/28/10 LA Port Solar Project Touts Self-Ballasted Racking System
12/28/10 Groundbreaking of the Sustainable Energy Technology Center
12/28/10 Google Backs Offshore Transmission Line for Wind
12/28/10 41 Cooper Square is NYC’s First LEED Platinum Academic Building
12/28/10 Federal Agencies Continue To Support LEED Certification
12/28/10 California Moves To Cap Greenhouse Gases
12/17/10 Architectural Record Editor-in-Chief, Robert Ivy, to Head AIA
12/16/10 IGCC Public Version 2.0 Released
12/16/10 LEED App Coming Soon? USGBC Opens Up Data Flows
12/13/10 Scientists Speak Out Against Halogenated Flame Retardants
12/13/10 DOE Proposes New Refrigerator Standard for 2014
12/13/10 NEMA Voluntarily Reduces Mercury in CFLs, Again
12/13/10 "Solar Leaf" Prototype Can Produce Electricity
12/08/10 USGBC Releases New Draft of LEED for Public Comment
12/07/10 Not Enough Votes for LEED Certified Wood Benchmark
12/07/10 LEED Gold Now Required for Federal Buildings
12/03/10 Rating System Preview at ASCE
12/03/10 Tighter Standards, Model Code Aim To Cut Building Energy Use
12/03/10 EPA Greenhouse Guidance Receives Praise, Criticism
11/30/10 LEED-Certified Space Passes One Billion Square Feet
11/30/10 Model Building Code 30 Percent More Energy Efficient
11/30/10 Glazing Industry Fights Tightened Energy Standards
11/30/10 Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles May Be Environmentally Disruptive
11/30/10 First LEED Platinum Natatorium in the Nation
11/30/10 Green Building Thrives in Shaky Economy
11/22/10 Yahoo! Data Center Sets High Mark for Efficiency
11/22/10 WGBC Says Buildings Can Lead the Way to Reduced Carbon Emissions
11/22/10 Data on HDPE and PET Recycling Shows Environmental Benefits
11/22/10 Obama Administration Makes Environmental Justice a Priority
11/22/10 California Takes Steps Toward Net-Zero
11/16/10 From Green Extreme to Mainstream: Passive House Program Gains Momentum in U.S.
11/12/10 Robert Redford Teams Up With USGBC for Green Schools Summit
11/03/10 USGBC Expands Green Schools Efforts
10/22/10 USGBC, LEED Targeted by Class-Action Suit
10/14/10 First Projects Certified Under Living Building Challenge
10/12/10 RESNET's Sibling COMNET Offers New Energy Modeling Rules
10/12/10 New Standard for Green Roof Membranes
10/12/10 New Service to Verify Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Claims
10/12/10 New Primer Showcases Materials Reuse
10/12/10 Wal-Mart Uses Thin-Film to Nearly Double PV Capacity
10/11/10 Calatrava’s "Museum of Tomorrow" to Showcase a Greener Future for Rio
10/01/10 World’s Largest Solar Plant Moving Forward
10/01/10 DOE Funds Carbon Capture Research
10/01/10 After Recent Pipeline Events, A Push for Stronger Oversight
10/01/10 Growth in Green Building Drives Use of BIM
10/01/10 EPA Orders Florida to Improve Everglades Water Quality
09/20/10 SketchUp 8 Opens Up New Green Possibilities
09/20/10 UL Environment Teams Up with EcoLogo
09/20/10 Making Green Buildings Safe for Firefighters
09/16/10 Construction Methods of the Ancient Inca Offer Sustainable Lessons
09/15/10 At Shanghai Expo, Finnish Pavilion Provides a Stunning Green Model
09/15/10 EPA Delays Until October New Powerplant Smog Rules
09/15/10 Sacramento Campus Warms to Green Central Plant
09/15/10 In Maine, Tidal Power Shows More Promise
09/08/10 Protection of Ozone Layer Prevents Cataracts
09/08/10 No Clear Winner Yet in Concrete v. Steel Contest
09/08/10 USGBC to Offer Precedent-Setting “LEED Interpretations”
09/08/10 Rating System for Shorelines on the Way
08/25/10 DOE To Ban Multi-Spray Showerheads
08/25/10 Phthalates Linked to Lower IQ Scores in Children
08/25/10 EPA Launches Website for Integrated Environmental Modeling
08/25/10 Green Label for Contractors Covers Offices and Practices
08/25/10 DOE Chooses Building Research Hub
08/25/10 USGBC Expands Data Collection from LEED Buildings
08/18/10 Reuse or Build New? Group to Gather Hard Environmental Data
08/18/10 First Statewide Paint Recycling Program Launched in Oregon
08/18/10 Commercial Real Estate Stimulus Pushed by Architecture 2030
08/16/10 Water-Starved Oman Collects Monsoon Fog
08/16/10 U.S. Wind Power Surge Likely To Continue, Say Scientists
08/16/10 Offshore Wind Turbine Design Pushes Forward
08/10/10 Affordable Green Neighborhoods Grant Program Announced
08/10/10 EPA Toolkit to Remove Red Tape for Green Projects
08/10/10 Worldwide Green Building Area to Increase 780% in Ten Years
08/10/10 Canadian Timber Companies in Landmark Environmental Deal
08/10/10 DOE's Dru Crawley Moves to Bentley
07/29/10 Ten Fifty B Street Apartments open in San Diego
07/29/10 Developer Seeks Rating For Recycled Utah Bridge
07/29/10 EPA Proposes New Limits On Powerplant Emissions
07/29/10 $110-Million Marina del Rey Project Gets Go-Ahead
07/19/10 DOE-Backed Smart Metering Rejected in Maryland
07/19/10 Canada Green Building Council Acquires Smart Growth Group
07/19/10 GBCI Takes Closer Control of LEED Reviews
07/19/10 Congress Passes Formaldehyde Limits for Composite Wood Products
07/19/10 Fireman’s Fund Steps Up Green Insurance
07/14/10 Professor Uses Bacteria To Make Eco-Friendly Bricks
07/12/10 Variety of State Energy Codes Makes Compliance Daunting
07/12/10 Higher Ed Sets Power Goals
07/12/10 African Wind Project Poised To Begin
07/07/10 New Report Criticizes LEED on Public Health Issues
07/07/10 HUD Using LEED-ND to Screen Potential Projects
07/07/10 USGBC, KieranTimberlake Get National Design Awards
07/02/10 200-Foot-High Living Wall Proposed for Portland Federal Building
07/02/10 Affordable Housing Goes Green in the Bronx
06/30/10 EPA to Modify Regulations on Sewer Overflows
06/30/10 House Bill Encourages Coastal Development
06/30/10 Formaldehyde’s Rap Sheet Goes Beyond Cancer
06/30/10 Data Centers Now Eligible for Energy Star Rating
06/30/10 Energy Star Beefs Up after Scandal
06/30/10 Elevated Standard for Gas Storage Water Heaters
06/23/10 One World Trade Center Rises to 260 Feet Above Street Level
06/23/10 NYC Launches Cool Roofs Program
06/23/10 Brooklyn Navy Yard Re-Development Receives $60 Million Boost
06/23/10 Yates Begins $175 Million Mississippi Solar Plant
06/23/10 Enermodal Engineering Inc.
06/18/10 LEED Policy on Certified Wood Gets Only Minor Changes
06/18/10 Major Changes Underway With Cradle to Cradle Certification
06/18/10 NSF Develops Sustainability Standard for Resilient Flooring
06/11/10 New Process Shows Dollar Value of Building Green
06/11/10 Architects Release Tracking Tool For Sustainable Design
06/11/10 Rating Controversy Heats Up
06/07/10 GSA to Eliminate Federal Government’s Environmental Footprint
06/07/10 Lawmakers Unveil Climate-Change Bill
06/07/10 Green ‘SITES’ Rating Program Picks 175 Pilot Projects
06/02/10 Winner of 2010 Bucky Fuller Challenge Announced
05/27/10 NYC Skyscraper Is First U.S. Commercial Tower to Earn LEED Platinum
05/26/10 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fell Significantly in 2009
05/26/10 California Mandates Carbon Monoxide Detectors
05/26/10 Chinese Drywall Manufacturers Liable for Millions in Damages
05/26/10 Living Cities Design Competition Announced
05/26/10 Greensburg Now Powered Completely by Wind
05/20/10 Coal Ash in Construction Materials Safe under EPA Proposal
05/20/10 Sisters Celebrate LEED Platinum Certification
05/20/10 USGBC Says Feds Can Do More for Green Building
05/20/10 ANSI Approves GBI Rating System
05/13/10 Clinic Made of Freight Containers Heads to Haiti
05/10/10 EPA Stiffens Coal-Ash Rules, But Proposal Allows Recycling
05/10/10 Report: Green Opportunities
05/10/10 Feds Seek Energy-Efficient Building Projects
05/10/10 Habitat for Humanity Builds LEED Platinum Prototype
05/06/10 Green Design-Build Model Crafted for Buildings To Achieve Net-Zero Energy Use
04/29/10 USGBC Launches LEED-ND
04/29/10 Federal Support for Sustainable Communities
04/27/10 Study Shows Increase in Urban Redevelopment
04/27/10 Examining the Environmental Impact of BPA
04/27/10 Connecticut May Forgive Student Loans for Green Jobs
04/22/10 AIA's Committee on the Environment Announces Annual Awards
04/15/10 Ontario Approves Nearly $9 Billion in Renewables Projects
04/15/10 Green-Infused Modular Classroom Targets ‘Grid-Neutral’ Status in School Construction
04/15/10 Fly Ash Looms As The 'New Asbestos'
04/12/10 Building Re-Skinning Award Winners Announced
04/12/10 Clearing the Way for Water Savings in Plumbing Codes
04/12/10 DOE Raises the Bar for Heating Equipment
04/12/10 EPA and NREL See Renewables Potential in Brownfields
04/09/10 Lorcan O’Herlihy Paints the Town Blue
04/07/10 Hope Floats in New Orleans
04/07/10 Affresol Turns Rubbish into Recycled Homes
04/07/10 States Slow to Use Stimulus Funds for Weatherization
04/07/10 Building Star Legislation Promises Funding for Retrofits
03/25/10 American Standard Donates $1 Million to Nature Conservancy
03/25/10 Recycled Plastics Enter Structural Applications
03/25/10 Maryland Town Pursues Model Green City Designation
03/24/10 MoMA Presents Futuristic Solutions to Urban Flooding
03/19/10 Standard 189 Integrated into New Green Construction Code
03/19/10 Seattle Buildings Must Disclose Energy Use
03/19/10 NAIMA Forms New Advocacy Council
03/18/10 Green Standard Efforts Merge
03/16/10 "Villa Libeskind" Takes Prefab to the Extreme
03/16/10 Southern California Utility Joins ‘Smart’ Meter Movement
03/16/10 Interior Secretary Will Resolve Impasse by April Over Huge Massachusetts Offshore Wind Project
03/12/10 GSA Looking for a Sustainability Guru
03/12/10 Los Angeles Considers Mandatory Rainwater Capture
03/12/10 Greening the Greenbuild Expo
03/12/10 Van Belleghem Parts Ways With Dockside Green
03/10/10 U.S. Directs $36 Million Toward Net-Zero Building Research
03/04/10 LEED Wood Credit up for Review….Again
03/04/10 CalCEF Highlights Six Energy Efficiency Financial Models
03/03/10 Greening an Icon: The Empire State Building
03/02/10 Final WaterSense Specification for Homes Released
03/02/10 Seattle Bends Rules for "Living Buildings"
03/02/10 The Lowdown on Mobile Photovoltaic Power Generators
02/26/10 EPA Recognizes Tempe for Smart Growth Achievements
02/26/10 New Legislation Pits NYC Buildings Against Those in Other U.S. Cities
02/26/10 Olympic Village Receives Award of Its Own
02/19/10 New Tax Credit Limits Window Choices
02/16/10 U.S. Wind Industry Breezes to New Heights in 2009
02/16/10 At Long Last, ASHRAE Standard 189 Is Here
02/16/10 Massachusetts’ Lead Role in Energy Efficiency
02/16/10 Hawaii First State to Require Solar Hot Water in New Homes
02/11/10 Researchers Unveil Green Rating System for Roads
02/11/10 Move To Block EPA Greenhouse Rule Nears Senate Vote
02/11/10 Counting Calories in Your Concrete
02/05/10 California Adopts Nation’s First Statewide Green Building Code
02/05/10 Industry Agrees to Phase Out DecaBDE Flame Retardant
02/05/10 Dow Styrofoam Cradle to Cradle Certified, Despite Chemistry
02/02/10 Cracking Codes with Green Strategies
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