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December 2011
12/27/11 Class Action Suit Seeks to Limit Smart Meter Use
12/27/11 Colorado Wins Bid for GE's Thin-Film Solar Panel Factory
12/27/11 KB Markets Net-Zero-Energy Homes
12/27/11 Passive House Group Bans Certain Spray Foam Insulation
12/27/11 Congress Halts Military Spending on LEED
12/27/11 Purr-fect Pads: Architects Design Homes for NYC's Stray Cats
12/27/11 Greening the "Cloud" at Facebook's Newest Data Center
12/22/11 Oregon Startup Makes Crude Oil from Plastic
12/22/11 Magnetism Could Generate Solar Power Without Solar Panels
12/21/11 Green Schoolhouses to Be Built With Donated Materials, Volunteers
12/13/11 EU May Be Underestimating Biofuels GWP
12/13/11 Green Home Appraisals Move Forward
12/13/11 EDA Announces Grant Winners for i6 Green Challenge
12/09/11 Obama Launches $4-Billion Public-Private Green Building Retrofit Plan
12/02/11 Berkeley Breakthrough Opens Potential for Smart Windows
12/02/11 Consumer Electronics Outpace Appliances as Global Warming Contributor
12/02/11 Biggest Losers Unveiled in Battle of Energy Star Buildings
November 2011
11/30/11 App Lab Aims to Streamline LEED Certification
11/22/11 Newsmaker: Edward Mazria
11/22/11 Facebook's Swedish Data Center Will Run on Hydropower
11/2011 International Green Construction Code Passes
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