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See what leaders in the sustainable design world have to say about the latest controversies and concerns in the green building field.

Has "Green" Run Its Course?

Has "Green" Run Its Course?
The movement thatís reinventing the built environment isnít going away until the work is over.

Illustration by Angus Greig

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11/2013 Has "Green" Run Its Course?
The movement thatís reinventing the built environment isnít going away until the work is over.
11/2013 Sustainability Is About Quality of Life
With the evolution of the green movement, GreenSource is transforming too; the print magazine will become a special section in SNAP, McGraw Hill Constructionís products magazine f...
09/2013 The Shortfall of Tall
Antony Wood, executive director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats, discusses the possibility of net zero skyscrapers.
07/2013 Closer to Nature?
Do glass buildings make us feel more connected to the outdoors or do the glare and heat problems offset the benefits?
07/2013 Editor's Letter: Is Green Synonymous With Healthy?
Green buildings became popular in large part due to their health appeal. Are they delivering on that promise?
05/2013 Nested Systems
Global sustainability seeks integration of environmental, social, and economic prosperity.
05/2013 Performance: Where Buildings and People Meet
We all know that we can't manage what we don't measure. But measuring things alone isn't enoughóthe managing part still has to occur before the performance of a building can impro...
03/2013 Bad Neighbors
Lacking adequate concern for the reflected light, re-directed and/or concentrated solar radiation can cause personal injury, glare, heat damage and overheating of adjacent buildin...
01/31/13 Editor's Letter: A New Materials Vocabulary
Many of the tools and resources needed to support the new green product-selection criteria are just emerging.
01/2013 The Big-Firm Advantage
The future of sustainability rests with large collaborative networks rather than lone visionaries.
11/2012 Will We Ever Learn?
Rachel Carson sounded an alarm against dangerous chemicals in everyday products, but it seems to have fallen silent 50 years later.
09/2012 All Quiet on the Eco Front
Poll-driven politicians have concluded that clean energy is frivolous in the face of struggles to find a job or unload an underwater mortgage.
07/2012 Back to the Future
Todayís need for new solutions calls for backcasting as an alternative to integrated design.
05/2012 Structural Rethinking
If ever there was a moment to reset the way we build, now is the time. The last century's methods of building for global population growth have resulted in unprecedented environme...
03/2012 Bottom Line Benefits of Biophilia
Biophilia, our innate need to affiliate with life and life-like processes, is a concept that has been recognized for several decades by the scientific and design communities, and ...
01/2012 Bringing Utilities into the Now
The last decade has seen substantial progress in green building, but recently I've been acutely aware of a persistent, frustrating, nagging obstacle to energy and resource conserv...
11/2011 The Next Frontier in Green Building
to create energy-efficient buildings by controlling physical features like insulation, windows, and HVAC systems. To deliver great energy performance in buildings, however, buildi...
09/2011 From Out-of-Control Controls: Why do we tolerate a controls industry characterized by mediocre software and unreliable sensors?
07/2011 From Containment to Sustainability
Col. Mark Mykleby of the Marines and Capt. Wayne Porter of the Navy recently released a paper called “A National Strategic Narrative” as a framework for policy decisions.
05/2011 The Clock is Ticking
The case for reducing embodied greenhouse gas emissions.
03/2011 Is It Time for a New ?Ism??
Two Dutch-born authors claim that ?sustainism? will dominate the culture of this century, shaping everything from design to politics to grocery shopping.
11/2010 Looking Forward
Green Forecast Remains Strong: Not only has sustainability changed the DNA of the design and construction industry, but its impact endures in spite of the economic downturn.
09/2010 A Clear and Present Danger
Most of the focus on glass is about increasing energy efficiency, but more reflective glazing poses a greater threat to bird species.
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