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10/2007 CASE STUDY: Near North Apartments: Second Acts
Near North Apartments , Chicago, IL - Murphy/Jahn Rethinks Low-Income Housing For A Revitalized Cabrini-Green In Chicago
10/2007 CASE STUDY: George and Kathy Dembroski Centre for Horticulture: Green Thumb
George and Kathy Dembroski Centre for Horticulture , Chicago, IL - A New, Light-Filled Entrance and Addition Establishes a Botanical Gardenís Reputation.
10/2007 CASE STUDY: Center For Health And Healing: A Healthy Dose of Green
Center For Health And Healing , Portland, OR - A Universityís Medical Office Building Achieves Leed Platinum through Some Serious Integrated Design Strategies.
10/2007 CASE STUDY: Save the Bay Center: Coast Guard
Save the Bay Center , Providence, RI - A Non-Profitís Redevelopment of a Former Landfill Serves as a Model of Urban Waterfront Restoration.
10/2007 CASE STUDY: New York Academy of Sciences: Advanced Science
New York Academy of Sciences , New York , NY - A Manhattan Institution Moves Its Employees Into A Light-Filled Skyscraper.
07/2007 CASE STUDY: Plaza Apartments: A Room of Oneís Own:
Plaza Apartments , San Francisco, CA - In the heart of San Franciscoís skid row, once-homeless adults find shelter in a showplace of green design.
07/2007 CASE STUDY: The Idea Center at Playhouse Square: Sustainability in Two Acts:
The Idea Center at Playhouse Square , Hemet, CA - Two nonprofits join to create an interactive center for the arts, technology, and ideas.
07/2007 CASE STUDY: Water + Life Museums: A Desert Oasis
Water + Life Museums , Hemet, CA - Two nonprofits join to create public exhibitions and offices demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.
07/2007 CASE STUDY: Hawaii Gateway Energy Center: Gateway to Sustainability:
Hawaii Gateway Energy Center, Nelha, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii - This Leed-Platinum Center To Promote Renewable Energy In Hawaii Runs On The “Earth’s Devices”
07/2007 CASE STUDY: Sidwell Friends Middle School: Academic Achievement
Sidwell Friends Middle School, Washington, D.C.
- A school expansion in our nationís capitol introduces a wetland to a dense urban site.
06/2007 AIA Top Ten Green Projects for 2007 Announced
06/2007 Green Acres: Springs Preserve Restores a Desert Oasis [links to: enr.com]
04/2007 CASE STUDY: Aveda: A Cut Above
Aveda Institute, Washington, D.C.
- A company applies Its nature ethic to Its newest training center.
04/2007 CASE STUDY: A Westside Story
The Helena, New York City
04/2007 CASE STUDY: Close to Home
Calpers Headquarters Complex, Sacramento, California - A headquarters consolidation more than fills its predecessor's big shoes
04/2007 CASE STUDY: Ecological Literacy
Central Library, Des Moines, Iowa
- A copper-infused glass skin blurs this library's boundaries
04/2007 CASE STUDY: Doing Small Things in a Big Way
Molecular Foundry U.S. Department of Energy, Berkeley, California - A national cutting-edge laboratory for nanotechnology research
02/12/07 Template for Green Cities Nears in Asia [links to: enr.com]
02/12/07 Big Zero-Carbon Project Planned in U.K. [links to: enr.com]
02/2007 Green 101: Yale Chases Leading Edge of Sustainable Design [links to: newyork.construction.com ]
02/2007 Platinum Exhibit: Queens Botanical Garden Goes for the Green [links to: newyork.construction.com ]
02/2007 Building 21: Going Green at the CDC [links to: southeast.construction.com ]
02/2007 Southface: A Model of Sustainability [links to: southeast.construction.com ]
02/07/07 Sweetwater Visitors Center: Sweet Platinum Status [links to: southeast.construction.com ]
01/2007 CASE STUDY: Planetary Perspectives
Global Ecology Center, Stanford, California - Design for labs and offices for a team of climate researchers mimics natural systems to drive down energy use and carbon emissions
01/2007 CASE STUDY: Top of the Charts
Alberici Corporate Headquarters, Overland, Missouri
01/2007 CASE STUDY: Let the Sun Shine In
Bronx Library Center Bronx, NY
- A light-filled library becomes a dynamic meeting place for an underserved community
01/2007 CASE STUDY: Thrown for a Curve
London Development Agency, London - A government agency's sinuous new office challenges straight lines as well as nonrenewable energy sources.
01/2007 CASE STUDY: Circle of Life
Heifer International Center, Little Rock, Arkansas - A charity dedicated to nourishing families builds a new office as a model of harmony with nature
02/07/07 Turner Completes First Green Auto Dealership [links to: texas.construction.com ]
12/22/06 Not an Easy Green
Firm's LEED efforts hampered by realities of existing structure [links to: california.construction.com ]
12/06 An Evolving Edifice That Will Improve With Time
Four universities Envision the Centre for Interactive research on sustainability as a Living laboratory with a lofty mission and ambitious performance goals [links to: architecturalrecord.com ]
12/06 In Search of the Zero-Energy Holy Grail
A Real-world yet hypothetical design problem in a tough climate challenges engineers to think about the measures necessary for reducing a building’s environmental footprint [from architecturalrecord.com ]
12/06 SOM’s Pearl River Tower
The storied design firm has set its sights on redefining one of its bread-and-butter project types, the corporate headquarters, into a model of high-tech sustainability [links to: architecturalrecord.com ]
12/22/06 Energy as a Priority
Monterey County branch library fulfills sustainable goals while bringing the community together [links to: california.construction.com ]
11/29/06 GM Plant Achieves LEED Gold
11/06 CASE STUDY: Down by the River
Great Llakes Offices, Hammel, Green and Abrahamson (HGA), Milwaukee - Architects Reconfigure a Dilapidated Marine Terminal intoTheir Sleek Office
11/06 CASE STUDY: Rebirth and Regeneration
Merrill Hall, University of Washington, Seattle- A Horticulture School's Courtyard Atrium Breathes New Life into a Ruined Site
11/06 CASE STUDY: S is for Sustainability
Thomas L Wells Public School, Toronto - A Green Philosophy Sets Precedent For Suburban School Districts Expansion Plans
11/06 CASE STUDY: New Frontiers in Office Space
Lewis & Clark State Office Building, Jefferson City, MO - State Office Building Enriches Employees' Lives With Light And Landscape
11/06 CASE STUDY: Barometer of Change
NOAA Satellite Operations Facility, Suitland, MD - Protecting The Environment is Mission Critical
10/06 Modular Home Earns a LEED for Homes Platinum Rating
10/06 LEED, green initiatives find widespread favor in energy-intensive airport terminals [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
09/06 Heinfeld Residence
House of the Month [links to: architecturalrecord.com ]
09/06 A Building with a Buzz
CU's new $34 million ATLAS Center blends high-tech highlights with LEED-standard features [links to: colorado.construction.com ]
09/06 Twenty Ninth Street
Project replaces aging Crossroads Mall with environmentally friendly retail district [links to: colorado.construction.com ]
09/06 Making a Statement
Developer Says "Arterra will be San Francisco's First LEED-Certified Green Highrise Community." [links to: california.construction.com]
08/06 Driving Force
Fitzsimons Parkway circles medical campus in Aurora [links to: colorado.construction.com ]
08/06 Greener Than Green
New Kaiser Modesto Project Utilizes New Sustainability Methods, Products [links to: california.construction.com]
08/06 Green Thumb
Tahoe Sustainable Research Center Takes Shape [links to: southwest.construction.com ]
08/06 $600 Million of Green
Phoenix Convention Center Expands [links to: southwest.construction.com ]
07/06 An Abandoned Airport Brownfield Takes Off
Parsons cleans up a massive brownfield site at denver’s shuttered stapleton international airport, allowing for the development of new neighborhoods for the inner city [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
06/06 CASE STUDY: A Room With A View
Allsteel Resource Center, San Francisco - For Allsteel, it all comes together in San Francisco with a stricking new showroom.
06/06 CASE STUDY: Creative Accounting
Lillis Business Complex, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon - The ambitious use of daylighting and photovoltaics in this building creates a business case for green design.
06/06 CASE STUDY: Eco-design Laboratory
Camp Arroyo, Livermore, California - A multibuilding camp for environmental education programs serves as a working lab for teaching green-design principles.
06/06 CASE STUDY: A Beacon for Sustainability
National Association of Realtors Building, Washington, D.C. - A group that represents thousands of people who profoundly influence the construction market takes a stand for the environment.
06/06 CASE STUDY: Nonprofit's Mission Accomplished
Winrock International Global Headquarters, Little Rock, Arkansas - Winrock International embraces sustainable design to support its mission of worldwide economic development.
02/06 Unity Temple will use geothermal energy after its first major restoration [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
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12/05 H.H. Richardson's Romanesque Revival Masterpiece Prompts Inspired, Green Preservation. In a complex project requiring design savvy and tight logistics, Goody Clancy adds an underground space to Boston's Trinity Church [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
07/04/05 In California Farm Country, University Builds A Campus From Scratch.
Contractors are racing to complete work so the University of California.... [links to: enr.com]
06/20/05 Canadian Project Combines Hydrogen and Wind Systems.
One of Canada’s remote eastern provinces has launched a project integrating wind energy with hydrogen production as a demonstration of one path to the possible "hydrogen economy" of the future. [links to: enr.com]
05/30/05 Officials See Green In New Staten Island Ferry Station.
A newly rehabilitated terminal with intermodal connections serving passengers on New York City’s Staten Island Ferry.... [links to: enr.com]
05/02/05 Los Angeles Wind Farm Plans Indicate Clean Energy Future.
Markets for three clean-energy technologies, already up nearly 70% in the last two years, will grow 600% more by 2014.... [links to: enr.com]
01/24/05 East River's Strong Tides Power Submerged Turbines.
A section of New York’s East River is now the test bed for a tide-powered turbine farm that could cost $20 million and generate up to 10 MW of electricity when completed in 2007. [links to: enr.com]
07/26/04 945-ft ‘Glass’ Skyscraper May End Up Greenest of Them All.
The team for One Bryant Park, just starting construction, is excited about how “green” it might be. [links to: enr.com]
03/17/03 Ohio Fuel Cell May Be Nation's First To Serve Utility Needs.
The first award under the state of Ohio's $100-million, three-year fuel-cell research and development program is expected to be made shortly. [links to: enr.com]
03/03/03 Despite Its Foggy Reputation, San Francisco Turns To The Sun.
Within the next few months, the roof of San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center will be covered with 65,000 sq ft of photovoltaic panels. [links to: enr.com]
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