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2/2006 When Less Powers More
With energy-modeling programs and early input, mechanical engineers are increasingly involved in design decisions that are shaping the look of a new architecture. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
11/2006 The Winds of Change?
With Federal Legislative action uncertain, States have increasingly stepped up to fill the gap.
07/11/06 California Bill Would Mandate High-Efficiency Toilets
A water conservation bill currently moving through the California Legislature would set the maximum water consumption for toilets at 1.3 gallons per flush.
07/10/06 Flexible Noryl Resin
Could Offer New Wire-Coating Option
07/10/06 Wallboard Recycling Monster Arrives from Europe
Very little gypsum wallboard made in the U.S. contains gypsum recycled from other wallboard.
06/2006 Passive Survivability: A New Design Priority for the 21st Century
In the wake of hurricane Katrina, vulnerability of our buildings has emerged as a major concern
04/2006 Robo Buildings: Pursuing the Interactive Envelope
In Recent projects, smarter building skins automatically control daylighting, ventilation, and more to benefit occupants and enhance sustainable design quality. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
03/2006 Can a New Kind of Heat Pump Change the World? An Electric-bill-burdened Engineer has developed what the HVAC industry has ignored: a heat pump that works when the temperature is below zero. Will consumers beat a path to his door? [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
02/2006 New Technologies Create New Challenges.
With the current emphasis on technology and sustainability, architects and researchers rely on building process to manage the flood of products, materials, and options. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
01/23/06 Renewable Energy: Public and Private Sectors Boost Wind, Solar Power [links to: enr.com]
01/23/06 Cattle Renderings Could Fuel North American Cement Kilns [links to: enr.com]
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12/05/05 Power: As Electricity Demand Heats Up Coal Cleans Up [links to: enr.com]
12/2005 Architect co-founds company that will turn medical waste into energy [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
09/2005 Commercial Buildings Open Their Windows.
New technologies are reintroducing energy-efficent operable windows into large, normally sealed buildings. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
08/22/05 Power: Concentrating Solar Project would generate 500 MW.
Project could generate more electricity than all U.S. photovoltaics combined. [links to: enr.com]
08/15/05 Navy Research Pays Off With Water Purification Unit.
A high-volume, portable water purification system unveiled this spring by the Office of Naval Research already has proven itself during a real-world test in July. [links to: enr.com]
08/08/05 Mass transit: Engineers See An Industry Evolve.
Light rail, bus rapid transit and alternative financing help projects. [links to: enr.com]
05/2005 Born Again: A New Skin Offers a Fresh Start.
A curtain-wall retrofit extends the life of a high-rise and makes it energy-efficient. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
04/04/05 New Cooling-Water Intake Is Low-Cost and Fish-Friendly. [links to: enr.com]
04/2005 High-Performing Envelopes Demand Know-How.
Energy-efficiency starts with the new generation of sophisticated building skins. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
02/2005 The Art and Science of Peace and Quiet.
Here's how to reduce noise pollution in buildings. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
12/2004 Getting down to the wire.
Disposing of insulation creates end-of-life issues for wiring in buildings. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
11/2004 Exotic woods gain in popularity
Some species are not appropriate for the green-minded architect, but others are. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
10/2004 Design for disassembly.
Economic incentives and economy goals push the reduction of construction waste. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
09/2004 Mold reduction is a complex problem.
Poorly thought out energy-reduction strategies have contributed to the mold epidemic. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
08/2004 Green building strategies in medical facilities.
Guidelines highlight the relationship between sustainable design and health. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
07/26/04 Offshore Pumping System Supplies Hydroelectric Plant. [links to: enr.com]
05/2004 Fuel Cell Technology.
Fuel cell technology is attractive, but still has serious technical shortcomings. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
0920/03 Radiating Creature Comforts in Buildings.
New, alternative HVAC systems are energy efficient, invisible, and quiet. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
09/08/03 Compact, Quiet Power Units Appeal to Hospitality Market. [links to: enr.com]
07/2003 Tapping the Synergies of Green Building and Historic Preservation.
Architects and preservationists are finding ways to advance their many shared values. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
06/2003 Taking the Brown Out of Brownfields.
How architects can help reclaim toxic sites and get LEED points. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
03/2003 Vegetation sytems atop buildings.
Green roofing technologies are starting to take root in America. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
02/2003 Technology and ingenuity contribute to energy...
A three-part special section investigates the ways that new technology makes green building easier. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
09/02 Green roofing technologies are starting to take root in America.
New Building systems mimic nature and return. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
08/01 Drain It Right: Wetlands for Managing Runoff.
Wetlands do a better job of handling stormwater than retention ponds. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
07/01 The Return of Natural Ventilation.
As architects adopt natural ventilation they discover new forms along the way. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
05/01 Here’s the Dirt on Green Housekeeping.
Keeping interiors green requires special maintenance and monitoring. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
01/01 Photovoltaic technology comes of age.
How photovoltaic materials are influencing architectural form.[links to: architecturalrecord.com]
07/00 Multiple skins.
Beautiful, energy efficient, and coming soon to the USA. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
05/00 What? No Air conditioning in this building?
The use of natural ventilation requires design compromises. [links to: architecturalrecord.com]
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