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10/28/2015Parties to Dispute Over Winnipeg Stadium Defects Look to Insurers

But up to courts to say who will take hit for stadium PREMIER Greg Selinger says insurance will cover the cost of repairs to Investors Group Field -- but it's up to the courts to decide whose premiums are bound to take a hit. One day after his cabinet approved a $35.3-million loan guarantee that will allow facility owner Triple B Stadium to proceed with repairs, Selinger said he's confident ...
10/20/2015Saudi Arabian Contractors Feeling Effects of Slowdown, Payment Delays

Michael Fahy The US$1.2 trillion Saudi construction sector is starting to show signs of stress as spending slows and contractors are hit by payment issues. That slowdown could also be felt by UAE-based contractors that have invested heavily in the world's largest oil exporter. As earnings season got under way in the kingdom this week, the results of the contractor Al Khodari & Sons reflected ...
10/20/2015Supreme Court To Review Disputed Subsidy for Planned Md. Power Plant

Oct. 20--The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to wade into a Maryland dispute with national implications, over whether a state can offer ratepayer subsidies to get a power plant built in its borders. The high court decided to hear two cases involving a deal the state Public Service Commission struck to get the first new power plant built in Maryland in years. Seeking to address a perceived ...
10/15/2015N.C. Investigates Backhoe Electrocution Deaths in Wilmington

Oct. 15--NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- The deaths of two workers killed last month when a backhoe struck a power line are being investigated by the N.C. Occupational Safety and Health Division. James Lemuel Williams, 55, of Richlands and Manuel Melendez Flores, 49, of Jacksonville were unloading concrete vaults from a truck with a backhoe on Dogwood Lane on Sept. 28 when the construction vehicle's ...
09/23/2015Lawsuit Targets Walsh Ohio River Bridge Project Barge in Claims Related to Drownings

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Family members of five people who died when a boat capsized on the Ohio River say in federal court documents that the placement and condition of a construction barge caused the tragedy. Walsh Construction Company said in court filings that it is the barge's owner, but the Chicago-based company said it is not responsible for the crash and has asked a judge to exonerate or ...

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